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BP MEDS: The FDA is recalling two contaminated lots of Quinapril and Hydrochlorothiazide. If you take either, read the article.

DETRANS: [7:16] – It makes me cringe to think how vulnerable I would have been to trans propaganda if it had been a thing when I went through puberty.

ELON MUSK: His purchase is expected to go through before the court’s Friday deadline. In anticipation, Musk changed his bio to read “Chief Twit.

ENERGY: According to the Energy Information Administration, the U.S. has only 25 days of diesel supply. Meanwhile, weekly demand is at the highest point in two years due to increased trucking, farming, and heating use.

FAUCI: Thanks to $220.5 million in grants from Tony “I am the science” Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a professor named Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill (UNC) was able to develop a technique for hiding all evidence of human tampering in laboratory-created viruses. In 2016, Baric taught his method to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which has clear ties to the ChiCom military.

Evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein says that hiding evidence of human tampering is “the exact opposite of what you would do if your interest was public health. Public health scientists would be marking their enhancements with red flags — not devising ways to hide them. The only reason you would want a concealer is to advance a sinister purpose — such as illegal bioweapons development — some mischief that the scientist didn’t want traceable back to his lab.

A newly published study shows that, apparently unbeknownst to Baric, his concealment gimmick leaves its own minute but legible signature. Most momentously, these same researchers have discovered that damning signature in the genome of the virus that causes COVID-19.

FLORIDA: Thirty former colleagues and staff of Charlie Crist published an open letter to voters, encouraging them to vote for Governor Ron DeSantis.

MILITARY: A new report says the government-sponsored education program for military children is “peddling critical race theory, white shaming, queer theory, and left-wing activism to children in its K-12 military schools.” I’m so grateful that my military grands are either home schooled or in private Christian schools.

NEW YORK: On Monday, the state Supreme Court ruled that “being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19″ and ordered all of the hundreds of New York City employees who were fired for refusing the vaxxx to be reinstated with back pay.

NIGERIA: Last week, Muslims killed more than 70 Christians in a village in central Nigeria. State officials told citizens they must defend themselves.

PENNSYLVANIA: Senate candidate John Fetterman suffered a stroke last May, but is super duper sure he’s 100% fit for one of the highest offices in the land … or, at least, he will be by January. (He seriously said this!) He started right out by saying, “Good night” to everyone.

CLICK [:07] to hear him say his “doctoral [Doctor Al?] believes that I’m fit to be serving and that’s what I believe is where I’m standing.” When asked, “Will you pledge tonight to release those [medical] records in the interest of transparency?” he said, “No.

CLICK [:39] to hear his response on his fracking flip flop. (The moderator said Oz’s name at the beginning to stop him, so she could ask Fetterman this follow up question.)

CLICK [:26] to hear more gibberish.

Fetterman is blaming his poor performance on the Nexstar closed captioning system deployed to assist him. Nexstar communications chief Gary Weitman said, “Both candidates agreed to the technical set-up for the closed captioning process weeks ago, which was implemented at the request of the Fetterman campaign. Both candidates were offered the opportunity for two full rehearsals with the same equipment used in tonight’s debate; Mr. Fetterman chose to do only one. The closed captioning process functioned as expected during rehearsal and again during tonight’s debate.

Democrat responses to voter concerns over Fetterman’s mental capacity … MALICIOUS ABLEISM!

SUDDEN DEATH: In January, a 21-year-old Bristol student collapsed and died while working out at his gym. The coroner ruled that he died of a heart attack due to “a pre-existing but previously undiagnosed heart condition.” Henry Best was a fit, healthy and active music student who helped run swimming lessons for primary school children and went to the gym regularly. Despite the fact that we know the jabs cause lethal heart problems, particularly in young men, the report made zero mention of his vaxxx status.

UK: England’s National Health Service is ditching the drugs and surgery approach to treating trans-identifying youth. From now on, psychotherapy will be provided as the first and usually only line of treatment. The NHS notes that gender incongruence usually does not persist and that doctors should not encourage patients to change their names and pronouns.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny and Bootz are playing Religious Ed. Bunny: David was the best king of Judah, right? Bootz: He stole someone’s wife! … And he killed her husband! Bunny: Who was the wisest king? Bootz: Easy, Solomon! Until he got 700 wives.

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