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MUST READ: Grab a few tissues and be prepared to praise God!! I saw the movie about this woman taking 100 children through the mountains to safety, but I never thought at all what happened to her after. God used her SO powerfully! CLICK one of the links:

2A: CLICK [:05] to hear FAUXTUS tell us, “My legislation says there can be no more than 8 bullets in a round.

BORDER: How many do you suppose they missed?

CANCER: CLICK [:15] to hear FAUXTUS say in his creepiest whisper voice that the reason he would cure cancer is not because it would alleviate the suffering of the victims or the anguish of their loved ones, but because “no one believes it can be done.

CDC: Right now, the Center for Disease Control is recommending everyone get the ‘vona bivalent booster two months after a previous booster. The bivalent booster is the one that was tested on a grand total of 8 mice, who all got the virus after getting the jab.

We can totes see how “science” this all is, since the CDC’s very own Rochelle Walensky was bivalent-boosted only a MONTH ago, and is now suffering from the same ‘rona variant she was boosted for. She, of course, is praising the jabs for supposedly saving her from having a severe case. ::smh::

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:05] to hear him wish “our great president” a happy birthday.

INDONESIA: CLICK [:38] to see the large dome of the Grand Mosque in Jakarta collapsed after a major fire. There were no casualties.

The mosque, which opened in 1978, was closed for repairs. describes the building as “a symbol of Religious Tolerance.” I’m not clear how that works, since Indonesia is 86.7% Islam.

INFLATION: CLICK [:17] to hear FAUXTUS claim our inflation rate (currently 8.3%) is the lowest in the world. According to the site linked below, there are at least 40 nations with lower rates.

J6: CLICK [2:43] to hear a focus group trash an MSDNC talking head’s narrative. It’s beautiful.

Just as ibuprofen is not approved for COVID-19, so too is lupron not approved for gender dysphoria.

LUPRON: Common side effects include redness/burning/stinging/pain/bruising at the injection site, hot flashes (flushing), increased sweating, night sweats, tiredness, headache, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, impotence, testicular shrinkage, constipation, stomach pain, breast swelling or tenderness, acne, joint/muscle aches or pain, trouble sleeping (insomnia), reduced sexual interest, vaginal discomfort/dryness/itching/discharge, vaginal bleeding, swelling of the ankles/feet, increased urination at night, dizziness, breakthrough bleeding in a female child during the first two months of leuprorelin treatment, weakness, chills, clammy skin, skin redness, itching, or scaling, testicle pain, impotence, depression, or memory problems.

PFIZER: In 2021, the giant pharmaceutical company raked in $22 Billion in pure profit. The largest share of its $81 Billion in revenues was the ‘rona jab: $37 Billion. The next highest earner was Eliquis: $6 Billion.

Apparently, huge profits doth more greed make. The ‘rona vaxxx costs $1.30/dose to manufacture. Prizer sold the poison to the feds for $19.50/dose (using our money, of course), so the feds could “give” it to us under threat of … well, you know.

Pfizer says it’s going to increase the cost of the jabs to $110/dose. But not to worry, Pfizer says! If you have health care coverage, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for the shots.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. As if we aren’t paying for the shots now. The government gets its money from us; the insurance companies get their money from us. Their costs go up; our taxes and premiums go up. And for what? To feed the insatiable GREED of the filthy rich?

CLICK [:17] to hear FAUXTUS claim he “beat Big Pharma.”

SUDDEN DEATH: Tim Gough (55) was doing his morning radio show for GenX Radio Suffolk when he suddenly dropped dead.

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