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1A: On August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb saw a tweet in which Dr. Brett Giroir stated correctly that natural immunity after Covid infection was superior to vaccine protection. It called on the White House to “follow the science” and exempt people with natural immunity from upcoming vaccine mandates.

Despite the fact that Giroir then encouraged those who did not have natural immunity to “Get vaccinated!”, Gottlieb emailed a complaint to Todd O’Boyle, Twitter’s then-top-lobbyist in D.C. and the company’s point of contact with the White House.

When O’Boyle recommended Giroir’s tweet be censored, he highlighted the fact that Gottlieb had once been the head of the FDA, while neglecting to mention that Pfizer was paying Gottlieb $365,000 a year to shill for them. O’Boyle also neglected to mention that Giroir had also been the head of the FDA. As a result, Twitter added the “pay no attention to this” tag to the tweet and blocked anyone from replying, sharing, or liking it.

BORDER: FAUXTUS’ visit to the border was just as North Korea bogus as his “most votes ever” White House coup. Before his arrival, El Paso removed all the homeless encampments from its streets and all the migrants from its migrant processing center. As a result, the Left got lots of movie prop photos “showing” the border is just fine.

CANCEL: Libs of TikTok reports that the “inclusive … positive and safe environment” reason behind the firing was a complaint by Purple Tinker (formerly, Jessica/Jonathan Blank Blank) that said employee was following “transphobe creeps” on Twitter.

Speaking of creeps … in 2011, Blank founded BronyCon for adult My Little Pony fans, calling it a “men’s version of feminism.” The convention allegedly had a pedophilia issue cuz … no really! … who woulda thunk that guys who like to dress up as a little girl’s fantasy cartoon character might have something kinky going on in their pants?! Purple Tinker also reportedly stalked, doxxed, sent child rape porn, and threatened to murder another Brony for 2 years, all the while defending pedophilia and using meth.

DAMAR HAMLIN: He has been transferred to a hospital in Buffalo for continued care nearer his family and teammates.

FAUXTUS: Last year, after the FBI seized classified documents from Trump’s home, Biden said he couldn’t believe anyone could be that irresponsible.” Look in the mirror, pal. In November, classified documents from his time as Vice President were discovered at the Penn Biden Center and turned over to the National Archives. Oopsie.

LIFE: More than 10,000 people were killed by euthanasia in Canada in 2021. One of the people who does the dirty work is Dr. Ellen Wiebe, says that giving patients lethal injections is “the most rewarding work we’ve ever done.” Apparently, she likes it even better than slaughtering the unborn, which is her day job.

RIP: Diamond of Diamond & Silk has gone to her reward.

VAXXX: Last week the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) quietly renewed an order that requires foreigners traveling to the U.S. to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The new order is set to expire on April 10 and applies to all foreign air carriers.


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