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1A: Jeff Landry, the Attorney General of Louisiana, has released a document showing the Biden White House complaining to Facebook about their failure to censor negative commentary about the COVID-19 vaxxxines. In reply, the Facebook rep apologized and promised to do better.

Not the Bee correctly notes, “We heard for 4 years that Donald Trump was a unique threat to democracy and carried out ‘unprecedented’ attacks on a free press because he called out their BS. Meanwhile, Biden’s White House is actually censoring reporters and experts it doesn’t like.”

CATHOLIC: The Twelve Days of Christmas song can be adapted to be a catechism lesson for Catholic children about what God, our true love, has given to us: Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit; Eleven Faithful Apostles; Ten Holy Commandments; Nine Choirs of Angels; Eight Be-happy-attitudes; Seven Blessed Sacraments; Six Days of Creation; Five Books of Moses; Four Holy Gospels; Three Persons in One God; Two Natures in Jesus Christ; and One God who loves us all.

CHICOMS: It should raise eyebrows that a high ranking ChiCom casually remarked that a recently deceased colleague had “replaced many organs in his body.” However, the founder and executive director of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting says he was not surprised to hear that Party officials “receive multiple transplants of essential, solid organs.”

In 2015, the Chinese claimed they had stopped using organs from death-row prisoners. But the number of transplants they perform and the quick access they give rich and/or powerful patients suggests they’re still maintaining a system of forced organ harvesting. In 2021, the country performed 50 percent more lung transplant surgeries than the previous year, even when the world at large was seeing at least a 10 percent drop.

In the U.S., a patient gets put on the national organ transplant wait list. Depending on who dies and how urgent the need among those who match, patients may get an organ anywhere from immediately to never. In China, patients wait a week to a couple of months, strongly suggesting they are not waiting for someone who matches to die, but for the authorities to locate and harvest the best match from among their pool of unwilling donors.

COLON CANCER: A new peer-reviewed article in the journal Toxicology in August 2022 found evidence that “food grade titanium dioxide”, a popular whitening agent used in products ranging from candy to sunscreen, accumulates in colon cells and may cause cancer.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: After Victoria’s Secret replaced its traditional models with soccer loudmouth Megan Rapinoe and a biologically male trans model, sales tanked. The CEO who spearheaded the failed venture into wokeness is stepping down “in order to spend more time with her family.

VAXXX: CLICK to hear Dr. John Campbell talk about a three month study of 51,000 people that showed the risk of contracting COVID-19 increased with each additional jab. People with 1 jab were 1.7x more likely to catch the ‘rona than were the unvaxxxed. People with 2 jabs were 2.36x more likely. People with 3 jabs were 3.1x more likely. People with 4 jabs were 3.38x more likely. The large number of people involved makes this study extremely significant.

GRAMMY NOTES: In November, Mama Buzz and Dearest got me a year’s subscription to Watercolor Mastery with Emily Olson, a gifted watercolorist and teacher. A couple of days ago, I posted to her FB group the painting above that I did while watching one of her tutorials, plus an explanation for why it wasn’t like the reference. Emily has never commented on any of my pieces before, but with this one, I got a very nice gold-star slash pat-on-the-head. I’m so chuffed! 🙂


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