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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS: Gutfeld gives us all the receipts. [9:57] – Mark Levin also noted that while Trump’s team had been negotiating with the DOJ over his documents, Biden’s was busy covering up the existence of his documents until after the mid-term elections. In addition, Trump’s documents were under Secret Service guard, while one of the places where Biden kept classified documents was heavily subsidized by the Communist Chinese. And, of course, Trump was president when he took the documents and had the indisputable constitutional authority to classify and declassify information as he saw fit. Biden was vice president when he took the documents and had no such power, yet kept them for years, some in the garage of his private home where his son lived.

DOPPELGANGERS: Brady Feigl (32) was a baseball pitcher for the minor league Long Island Ducks when he learned that Brady Feigl (27), a baseball pitcher for the minor league Las Vegas Aviators, had had the same elbow surgery performed by the same doctor (who got their records mixed up). They are both 6’4” tall, have fiery red hair, and wear glasses. But according to the DNA tests they took, they aren’t related. The elder Feigl is now with MLB’s San Diego Padres.

JORDAN PETERSON: [8:54] – This is worth your time.

MEDIA: Some political commentator at CNN is deeply concerned about how the Biden document scandal is eating away at Democrat efforts to hold Republicans accountable.

TRANSPORTATION: CLICK [5:42] to hear Tucker Carlson give FAUXTUS’ Federal Secretary of Transportation a well deserved (and very funny) roasting. Thank the gods of diversity that Booty Judge has DIRECTED the FAA to FIGURE IT OUT. I’m absotively certain that the FAA would have just sat there looking dumbly at their frozen screens if Mayor Pete weren’t On The Job.

VAXXX: A study published in the current edition of the European Journal of Pediatrics reports that 17.1% of the 4,928 high school students studied had experienced at least one cardiac symptom after the second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy serum. These symptoms consisted mostly of chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, and/or fainting.

But, the researchers helpfully assured us that only 0.1% experienced “significant arrhythmias and myocarditis.” Oh. So what … it’s okay to risk potentially permanent and/or fatal heart damage to 1 in 1,000 otherwise healthy young people who face a near zero risk from simply catching the virus naturally? Seriously?

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m so proud of Bunny! She is training to be an altar server at Mass. She’s going to practice at daily Mass, then when she’s ready, get on to the Sunday roster.


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  1. That story about the two Bradys is pretty freaky.

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