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EV: A recent survey found that in the last quarter of 2022, the cost per mile for electric was higher than for gas.

FOOD: Last year, dozens of food processing plants were destroyed and/or damaged by “accidental” fires. The first major fire of 2023 destroyed a massive chicken egg facility.

NEW WORLD ORDER: CLICK to hear Jordan Peterson talk about the horrifying future of universities. Also, CLICK to hear Tucker talk about the NSA reading his emails.

NOT SATIRE: Swallow everything before you CLICK [:45] and see the Finnish mtf trannie featured in the ballet video above perform a solo during the opening ceremony for the European Figure Skating Championships in Espoo, Finland. And by “perform“, I mean “totally fail at.”

It’s like watching one of those videos where a football team lets the young kid with cancer score a TD. Except in this case, this isn’t a young kid with cancer. It’s a full-grown man living out his mental illness for all the world to see. Worse, that mental illness is being affirmed as good and proper by entire nations.

Last Tuesday, Finnish prosecutors made opening arguments in the government’s case against two Christian leaders for teaching what the Bible says about sex and marriage. The “hate speech” trial will resume on Feb. 14.

Best comment on the ballet video: “Thank goodness, Finland is prosecuting those who speak openly about the bible and celebrating gifted artists like this.”

PFIZER: [9:25] – Dr. John Campbell applies his British humor to skirt YouTube’s condemnation while reporting on Pfizer’s announcement about “allegations.” Campbell says, “We don’t know where these allegations come from.” Well, actually, we do. They’re from a Project Veritas undercover video that YT removed. It is still available at PV, Twitter, and Rumble. The statement he reads from is at the link. Watch the video to the end and keep in mind that he has his tongue in his cheek throughout.

UTAH: On Saturday, Gov. Spencer Cox signed SB-16 into law, banning transgender drugs and surgeries for minors.

VAXXX: “There has never been a vaccine that has this degree of well-documented, serious dermatological toxicity.” – Peter McCullough, M.D.

From the report – “The side effects were most frequently reported within the first 3 days after vaccination, but there were also some studies reporting delayed adverse reactions, up to 4 weeks after vaccination. Duration of reactions varied from most frequently almost 1 day to as long as 4 weeks or more. …“Almost half of these studies reported participants’ comorbidities. The most commonly reported comorbidities were hypertension, prior COVID-19, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disorders, autoimmune, rheumatologic or allergic disorders, malignancies, obesity, and anaphylaxis.”


CLICK to see one way to make movie muzzle flash.

CLICK for worst wedding photo backdrop EVER.

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