Is It Ten Years to Triumph?

In the first 21 minutes of the video above, Daniel O’Connor discusses the authenticity of Fr. Gobbi’s prophecies. After 21 minutes, he talks about the specific prophecy that many say proved Gobbi wrong, which conclusion he shows was based on a poor translation and interpretation of the original Italian words of the revelation.

I realize the second half is 30 minutes, but if you can find the time, please do. I think O’Connor makes a very good case and that it fits with what I have posted in recent months. The next two were posted here on January 6 (“End Times Update 2”), so my regular readers will not need to view them.

On December 12, 2022, Pope Francis announced that he had had a vision of great destruction and desolation coming for mankind.

On Feb. 11, 2020, a Brazilian priest named Fr. Oliveira says he saw Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI die in 2022. Since this has happened, it lends credence to the rest of what he reported. This includes the timeline, starting with 2022 and ending in 2029, which coincides with the current Hebrew Shemitah cycle.

The current Hebrew Year 4783 began on September 26, 2022. It is the first Jubilee Year in the Hebrew calendar since HY5733 (1972-1973). It is also the first year of the current Shemitah Cycle. The Jubilee Year is both the 50th year following seven Shemitah cycles and Year One of the current Shemitah Cycle, which will end on September 9, 2029. Given all of the above, I believe we may be in the last Shemitah Cycle of all time.

The Shemitah Cycle is a seven-year period of time prescribed by God. Cf. Exodus 21:2; 23:10–11; Leviticus 25:1–7; Deuteronomy 15:1–6; and 31:10–13. Every seventh year, the people of Israel are commanded to forgive all debts owed by fellow Israelites, to let the land lie fallow, and to permit people and animals to harvest freely whatever food grew on its own.

God also instructed that, at the end of seven Shemitah Cycles (49 years), the Jews were to celebrate a 50th or Jubilee Year. During this year, the land was again to lie fallow. In addition, God mandated that Jews were to set all their slaves free. They were also to return any land they had purchased to the original owners who were to return to that land and live on it.


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