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15-MINUTE CITY: CLICK [2:20] to see what life will be like when the government gives us everything we need within 15 minutes of our homes. The only problem I see is that we’re not chickens. This reminds me of something I read last night in a novel by K.M. Shea in which the wannabe tyrant tells his top general why he plans to slaughter the majority of the population he plans to subjugate. “They’re too stubborn and too prone to hope. They’ll make lousy slaves unless we limit their numbers.

COVID-19: FAUXTUS has signed the bipartisan bill to declassify all COVID origin-related intelligence. Both the House and the Senate unanimously passed the bill, so there was a lot of pressure on Biden to sign it. And maybe also to make some “See the ChiComs don’t own me!” gesture.

DETRANS: [8:55] – Layla Jane started taking puberty blockers at age 12 and got a double mastectomy at age 13 to “transition” to being a male. She is now suing the doctors that did this to her, accusing them of “intentional fraud and concealment.

EVIL: [:57] – “Politicians must keep up their narrative about vaccine safety and efficacy because the political – and criminal – stakes are too high if they admit the truth after three years.” Dominique Samuels, British political commentator and freelance writer. She is a part of conservative Generation Z, and is known for her activism around Brexit and COVID.

JAPAN: This nation is dying for a very simple reason. They stopped having babies. The fertility rate necessary to keep a country’s population stable is roughly 2.1 children per woman. In Japan, the rate hasn’t been that high in 60 years. Currently, it is down to 1.3 children per woman. There is one village where only a single baby has been born in the past 25 years.

MARY’S ROLE: [18:36] – On a personal note, I’ve been dealing with debilitating back pain lately that is immune to any and all the things I have in my arsenal for mitigating my many aches and pains. The only thing that has given me any relief at all with this particular pain is the rosary.

MENTAL HEALTH: More than HALF (56.3%) of liberal white women age 18-29 have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. That’s more than DOUBLE the percentage (27.3%) of conservative white women in the same age bracket. Clearly, leftward politics is bad for you.

MICHIGAN: [4:18] – Papa Bear got a standing ovation for his fiery speech.

PORTLAND: Speaking of mental health … some Wrongs invited fellow sheeple to a “funeral” to mourn the governor’s decision to end mask mandates in Washington state. The invite stipulated that those who chose to attend would be required to wear N95 masks or similar. I wasn’t able to learn if the event actually happened or not.

SAN FRANCISCO: CLICK [:53] to hear San Francisco District Supervisor Hillary Ronen decrying the lack of police protection for her constituents. Three years ago, this same woman was fighting tooth and nail to defund these same police.

VAXXX: “Kidney failure requiring hospitalization or dialysis should never happen after a routine vaccine, yet it has occurred multiple times after COVID-19 mRNA injections (Pfizer or Moderna). This side effect is not listed in any consent form, FAQ, or on the blank package insert for the EUA genetic products.” – Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH


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