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1A: In 2015, Bremerton High School in Bremerton, WA, fired Joe Kennedy from his football coaching job for kneeling and praying on the 50-yard line after games. Allegedly they were afraid they would be sued by militant atheists if they didn’t put a stop to his openly religious behavior. Instead, they got sued by Kennedy. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court which just voted 6-3 in his favor. The school district agreed to pay Kennedy $1.75 million in damages and give him his job back.

BACK THE BLUE: When cops pulled this lady over, they thought she was driving drunk. When she showed no signs of intoxication, but complained of a bad headache, they called an ambulance. Doctors found a brain tumor and rushed her into what would be an 8-hour surgery. She’s doing well now and credits the police with saving her life.

DOUBLE STANDARDS: Word has it the Wrongs are going to arrest The Donald on Tuesday for mischaracterizing payments to his attorney as “legal fees” when the money was actually passed on to Stormy Daniels to shut her up.

But in 2022, the Clinton campaign mischaracterized payments to its law firm, Perkins Coie, as “legal fees” when the money was actually passed on to Fusion GPS to pay for the fake Steele Dossier. The FEC fined the campaign $113,000.

So yeah … Republican = handcuffs, fingerprinting, mug shots, plus a felony indictment vs. Democrats = slap on the wrist fine for a misdemeanor … for the same offense.

And let’s not overlook the disparity in where the money went. Trump’s alleged “felony” went to shut up a porn star who was quite possibly fabricating her dirty story. Clinton’s alleged “misdemeanor” went toward fabricating a dirty story that was later used by Democrats to tar and feather a sitting president.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley called the case against Trump “legally pathetic” while Elon Musk predicted it will backfire and lead to a landslide victory in 2024.

In other “let’s wreck America” news, the woke Manhattan Dem DA who is attempting to elevate Trump’s misdemeanor to a felony has a history of downgrading violent felonies to misdemeanors. Since taking office in January 2022, District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has downgraded 52% of felony cases to misdemeanors. In addition, his office wins only 51% of the cases it bothers to prosecute. Unsurprisingly, violent crime in the Big Apple has soared by nearly 30% from last year. George Soros reportedly spent over $1 million getting Bragg elected.

FAUXTUS: Slow Joe got reamed out on Twitter for claiming that billionaires only pay 3% tax. In addition to Musk’s tweet above, readers added context. “This is incorrect. Avg income tax rate in 2020 was 13.6%. Top 1% of taxpayers paid a 25.99% avg rate, more than eight times higher than the 3.1% avg rate paid by the bottom half of taxpayers. It increased from 20.1%/2019 to 22.2%/2020.”

GINGER: [4:49] – As a food, a spice, or a supplement, ginger can be a wonderful thing. It’s my favorite flavor in all the world. BUT it is potent. If you use it regularly in any form, I suggest you watch this video to understand when you might want to increase or decrease the amount and/or consult your physician.

RAAACISM: Earlier this month. the principal of Lincoln High School in Seattle sent out a schoolwide message advertising events for the school’s “multicultural week.” Among the events was a potluck lunch to which only Black, Latino, and Asian students and staff of color were invited. While the national media and keepers of Tolerance, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity had nothing much to say, the locals did. And that’s all it took. All are now invited.

In other raaacism news, some professor has pronounced that people who have tidy pantries are classist, elitist, and, of course, raaacist. I did not know that only rich, white people are capable of organizing their storage areas.

UK: On March 17, 2023, Mr. Andrew Bridgen, MP, presented a speech before the British Parliament about serious harms resulting from the mRNA jabs. Pay special attention to the first few moments after Mr. Bridgen is announced as the next speaker. Every single MP left the chamber. The only people who stayed were people like the security guy who are required to be there at all times. In a most telling moment, a guy from the left side crossed over and talked with two people on the right side who immediately got up and scurried out. Dr. John Campbell noted in a commentary that this kind of thing never happens. It would be similar to a speaker being announced in the House and, after nearly every rep on both sides of the aisle had bugged out, AOC went across the aisle and told MTG and Elise Stefanik that she didn’t want them to listen to the speech and so they also left.

VAXXX: Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad, a 20-year veteran in health care, says, “After the vaccines came out, there was this uptick in unusual symptoms, some of which I had never seen in my 20-year career. In every case, it was in somebody who had received the COVID-19 vaccine.” She began reporting the cases to VAERS, which ultimately got her fired, not for false reporting, but for contributing to vaccine hesitancy. Cuz, God forbid, we should make people think twice before submitting to experimental gene therapy that could permanently disable or even kill them.

WYOMING: Gov. Mark Gordon has signed a bill making it illegal for anyone in the state to “prescribe dispense, distribute, sell, or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion.” The law takes effect on July 1.

The bill includes exemptions for morning-after pills, as well as situations where the woman is in “imminent peril that substantially endangers her life or health” or for treatment of a “natural miscarriage according to currently accepted medical guidelines.” The bill clarifies that “‘imminent peril’ means only a physical condition and shall not include any psychological or emotional conditions.


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