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BANK FAILURE: CLICK to hear a brief and enraging explanation of what’s going on. It’s kinda like Lockdown 2.0 when ginormous companies like Amazon made big bucks while small businesses crashed and burned. It’s just more of the same destruction of the middle class in service of enriching the elites.

DIGITAL CURRENCY: On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced that, in July, it will launch its new centralized digital currency. The infrastructure, called FedNow, will link each banking node directly to the Federal Reserve and enable them to offer instantly available funds in real-time payments to their customers.

GUT HEALTH: [2:58] – The study linked below found that perineal self-acupressure is very successful at treating constipation.

TICKS: The northeast is seeing an increase in tick-borne babesiosis. Residents of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont need to be on the lookout and know what to do if they get bitten. This parasite, which infects red blood cells, is spread by the same deer ticks that spread Lyme disease.

TRANS: [12:44] – This is truly disturbing.

VITAMIN D: A ten-year Canadian study showed that supplementing with this critical vitamin provides a 40% protective effect against dementia. “This is a massive benefit we are seeing,” says Dr. John Campbell.

An American study showed that vitamin D supplementation reduced COVID-19 infection by 20% to 28% and, among those that caught it, decreased mortality by 25% to 33%.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny graduated from serving at daily Mass to serving on Sundays; now Buzz is training. In other news, Bootz lost his seventh tooth on his seventh birthday.

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