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BIDEN CRIME FAMILY: In 2017, right after VP Biden left office, the ChiComs sent $3 million to Rob Walker, a business associate of Hunter Biden. Over the next few months, Walker wired more than $1 million of it to Joe’s son (Hunter), Joe’s brother (Jim), and Joe’s daughter-in-law (Beau’s widow, Hallie). The White House did not deny the transfers took place, but did complain that Republicans are big, fat, meanie-pants for picking on Beau’s widow.

BIG BROTHER: Contracts obtained by The Epoch Times reveal that, in 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spent $628,000 of our money purchasing location data on approximately 55 million cellphone users. They apparently used it to track lockdown mandate compliance.

Also, the Twitter Files have revealed that the CDC spent its time and our money in tracking (and likely curbing) social media posts that could have contributed to vaccine hesitancy. These posts included those containing factual information detrimental to the government’s efforts to jab every American, those containing negative opinions about the Democratic Party, and those containing obvious satire.

CNN: [1:55] – “Now you’re upset?

FAUXTUS: He stumbled down the stairs AGAIN and the meme makers have been having a field day. CLICK the link to see Not the Bee’s top picks.

FUTURE IS FEMALE: Some of the responses – “These are not people I want my daughters dating”, “Barf”, “No”, and “I remember when this happened. It’s some tech company’s forced diversity virtue signal. You can just look at the number of women on their team to see their actual beliefs on the subject.”

POST-ABORTIVE TESTIMONY: [4:34] – Pro-aborts don’t want to admit how devastated many women are after this supposedly simple, no biggie surgery. But about 45% of women who have had an abortion report having suicidal feelings immediately following their procedure and are 70% more likely to self-harm at some point.

Post-abortive adults are three times more likely to commit suicide than non-abortive peers, while post-abortive teens are ten times more likely to attempt suicide and four times more likely to succeed than non-abortive peers. Post-abortive women are 34% more likely to develop an anxiety disorder and 110% more likely to abuse alcohol.

S&G: CLICK [:15] to hear what appears to be a trannie satanist diss the Son of God.

UTAH: Republican Gov. Spencer Cox has signed legislation that will restrict chemical and surgical abortions to hospitals alone and by physicians alone.

VFAUXTUS: After losing by 30 points, the Bisons had to listen to this. Wasn’t it enough that they got creamed?

WOKE: [5:15] – Enforcing political orthodoxy. Meanwhile, could we actually educate our kids!?!? CLICK to see stuff that is so awful, you wish it were satire.


CLICK for more R*CKST*R.

CLICK to hear an oldie, but goodie.

CLICK for awesome snow plows.

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