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2A: On Monday, Florida’s Gov. DeSantis signed a “permitless carry” bill into law. There are now 26 states that allow people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit and without state-mandated training.

CHILD ABUSE: [2:50] – “We will stand before a higher power and answer for our part in the destruction of this generation.”

COVID-19: The shelf lives of several at-home COVID antigen tests were recently extended by 3 to 11 months. If you have any on hand, Google the brand to find out what changes may apply.

CRIME FAMILIES: Now that former presidents are open game, “you can be sure there are prosecutors across Florida and Texas right now who are looking for a state-law hook into the Biden family.” – Tom Fitton, president of watchdog group Judicial Watch

Last year, Republican Will Jones beat out Soros’ pick for DA of Pulaski County, Arkansas, where the Clinton’s personal piggy bank – the Clinton Foundation – has been registered as a tax-exempt charity that doesn’t seem to charity anybody but members of the Clinton family.

GOOGLE: S’funny thing how the Wrongs enjoyed all kinds of perks during Trump’s economic boom, even as they used their time and money to try and destroy him and the country he loves. Under the Biden economy, Google has laid off about 12,000 employees and cut back on extras like fitness classes, cafes, and massages. Astonishingly, two of those deemed excess to requirements were the “Diversity Manager” ($90K) and the “Diversity Specialist” ($148,000).

MILITARY: I’d like to point out that this is by design. It helps prevent any one charismatic military leader from gathering a large enough following to take over the government by force. I understand that this is also the reasoning behind the frequency with which military personnel move to new stations.

OBAMA: BHO’s “Look At Me!” legacy continues with a planned $500 million Presidential Center. True to form, the planned project has damaged the people Obama claimed to (but doesn’t) care about – i.e., poor Blacks. Since the center’s location was revealed. median home prices have more than doubled in the South Shore and Woodlawn neighborhoods. The center is still two years away from opening, and the Obama team insists that the economic benefits will outweigh the costs. We’ve all heard that before.

TRUMP: His arraignment was set for 2:15 pm today, making him the first former president ever to stand before a judge to answer for criminal charges. The judge barred any and all recording devices, allowing a brief window for five pool photographers to take some stills before the arraignment began.

Trump’s lawyer said they plan to file a motion to dismiss based on selective prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said he’s willing to subpoena Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg to testify about his recent decision to prosecute former President Donald Trump.

CLICK [:40] to hear one of Trump’s attorneys posit that leaked information about the sealed indictment came from Bragg’s office.

Days after Color of Change PAC endorsed Bragg for DA, George Soros donated $1 million and pledged more than $1 million in spending to support his candidacy. Soros is now trying to distance himself from Bragg, just as he did after his pet San Franc DA, Chesa Boudin, lost in a recall election.

VIRGINIA: Gov. Youngkin has signed into law a new statute ensuring that houses of worship are not subject to unequal restrictions. During the plandemic, his Dem predecessor declared churches “nonessential” gatherings which were limited to ten people at a time. Meanwhile, liquor stores were open for business, which should tell you all you need to know about the priorities held by the two political parties in this country.

VITAMIN D: [18:04] – Dr. Campbell reviews a recently published study showing a high correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and suicide/self-harm among veterans. Those who had adequate levels due to supplementation had a 45% to 48% lower risk. Among Blacks, supplementation lowered risk by 64%.

GRAMMY NOTES: I got a fun new template and played around with my colored pencils for an abstract bouquet of flowers thing. It was relaxing. 🙂


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