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CHILD MUTILATION: Once upon a time, tinfoil hat wearing conservatives came up with the wacky idea that children’s hospitals, particularly one in Boston, were performing sex reassignment surgeries on minors. Libtards assured us it was a totally made up lie … for which they apparently need additional funding.

CLICK [1:29] to hear a representative of Boston Children’s Hospital affirm that blobs of tissue that are totally not living, human beings can know “from the womb” that they are transgender.

In other news, the United States has toughened its ban on the “abhorrent practice” of female genital mutilation, which is the partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates more than half a million girls and women in the United States have undergone or are at risk of FGM, while UNICEF declares that, “no matter where or how it is performed, FGM causes extreme physical and psychological harm.”

EUCHARIST: The holy Catholic Church teaches that at the moment of the Consecration of the Mass, the bread and wine on the altar truly become the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. And further, she teaches that receiving Holy Eucharist whole in a state of mortal sin is itself a mortal sin.

This week, we read about Jesus’ betrayal by Judas, that after Judas took the first consecrated bread from Jesus’ own hand, he ate it and became possessed by Satan. He received the Eucharistic Body of Christ without faith and actually as a betrayer.

FAUXTUS: [2:37] – If he weren’t squatting in the Oval Office, this would be funny. As it is, God help us.

LOVE IS LOVE: [2:22] – A few signs to help you tell if your Starbucks has been compromised with Republicans. The comments section is worth a visit. One sample: “I tried a coffee shop once where the employee taking orders was making eye contact and small talk with the customers. Needless to say that was a huge red flag indicating depth of character and work ethic. Toxic.

MULVANEY: Bud Light has become the groomer of beers. On Saturday, Dylan Mulvaney (26) revealed that Anheuser-Busch is featuring his face on Bud Light cans as part of a March Madness ad campaign. The beer company said Mulvaney confirmed the partnership, saying it will help their beer “authentically connect with audiences.

Mulvaney has also had a one-on-one at the White House with Joe FAUXTUS, received a one-year letter of congratulations from Kamala VFAUXTUS, had actress Drew Barrymore kneel at his feet, and raked in about $1 million making appearances and endorsing brands.

Many have criticized Mulvaney not only for portraying womanhood via its absolutely worst stereotypes, but for creepily embracing immature girlhood as his happy place.

In a recent video, while staying at the pricey Plaza Hotel, he dressed up as 6-year-old Eloise, the children’s book character, and skipped around gleefully. In another, he dressed up as a sad doll and told his 10.8 TikTok followers, “Let dolls be dolls, please. I’m not enjoying my womanhood as much as I was. … And my pain … is very real.

Apparently, his social life as a girl is leaving him unfulfilled, especially since he thought he’d be dating and kissing boys by now.

S&G: Build a Bear is now offering a Ru Paul drag stuffie online only for $56.

TRANS: CLICK and forgive the language, but dang, the woman is right. CLICK and sorry again, but yeah.

PSA: CLICK [:16] and please remember not to put cigarette lighters in the dryer!

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