Palm Sunday

CLICK [9:07] to hear a Palm Sunday sermon by Father Carlos Martins, followed by a blessing with a relic of Bl. Carlo Acutis.

COVID-19: The ChiComs insist the virus first appeared in Wuhan in mid-December 2019. So how did it come to be present in sewage samples in Brazil in November 2019 or in blood samples taken in a lung cancer screening trial in Italy in October 2019?!?!

FAUXTUS: Yesterday I heard an exorcist refer to Baphomet as “the spirit of antichrist.” It made me wonder briefly if THE Anti-Christ will be a trannie. On Friday, CINO Joe issued an official proclamation declaring March 31, 2023, as the Transgender Day of Visibility who, according to him, “shape our nation’s soul.”

FIRST COMMANDMENT: [12:24] – Michael Knowles discusses the overtly religious nature of the trans issue.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Wal*Mart and Cracker Barrel have joined Nike and approximately 2,600 other downtown Portland businesses in fleeing the crime-ridden libtard “utopia.”

INSURRECTION: CLICK [1:00] to see radical trans activists scream and chant inside the Florida Capitol building, which they invaded to protest legislation to prohibit government teachers from forcing sexual ideology onto children.

TEST CASE: The Insights & Issues editorial board writes, “For years the left has been honing its skills at intimidation, manipulation, deception, and election fraud, all to silence and marginalize anyone who isn’t on board with its agenda. … If Mister Rogers ran as an unapologetic conservative today, he’d be treated with the same level of disdain as Trump. That’s a point that cannot be emphasized often enough. Anyone who thinks that these types of attacks will go away once Trump does is delusional.”

VAXXX: [13:42] – Dr. Campbell goes over the latest “wisdom” from the WHO’s self-styled Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE). And, yes, they actually do use that unbelievably pretentious name for themselves!

VIDEO VIOLENCE: Just two months before a trannie went on a shooting spree, killing people at a conservative Christian school, a trans programmer launched Terfenstein 3D. The game features a trans character who wins points by killing people who aren’t on board with the trans activist agenda, including Christians and TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists – i.e., women who believe trannies are not real women). The graphics make a clear connection between trans critics and Nazis.

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