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I AM: Immanuel Kant posited that everything which happens has a cause. Thus, everything which has happened has had a cause. Therefore, before anything happened, there had to be an Uncaused Cause. It’s like what inevitably happens when a curious tot asks “Why?” over and over and over, until the parent finally says, “Because!” The Uncaused Cause was the Be Cause. The I Am Who Am.

BIG BROTHER: NYC’s mayor, Eric Adams, has announced a plan to track household food consumption, particularly meat and dairy products, which allegedly generate more CO2 than plant foods. The mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice has cut a deal with credit card companies to facilitate this intrusion, which is yet another reason to not live in the Rotten Apple.

CHI SPIES: Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein employed a Chinese spy as a driver for years. Democrat Senator Eric Swalwell had an affair with a Chinese spy. And now two Chinese Communist spies have been arrested for operating the illegal police station and destroying evidence when raided by the FBI … and at least one of them – Lu Jianwang – has been hanging out at Dem fundraisers in New York with Dem heavy hitter and Senate Minority Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer, as well as Dem. Rep. Grace Meng (NY-6) and New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Oops.

CINO GOVS: So far this month, two allegedly Catholic state governors – Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs – vetoed bills that would have protected babies who survived abortion.

FETTERMAN: [2:15] – IMO, this stroke survivor got “elected” in the same way that Joe Biden did. On January 3, 2023, he took his seat in the Senate; on February 10, he was hospitalized for lightheadedness. Two days after his release, he was hospitalized again, this time for a severe case of major depression; he was released on March 31 and went home for the two-week recess. On April 17, he returned to the Senate.

IOW, we’re 16 weeks into this session of Congress and John Fetterman has been there for five of them. CLICK [2:15] to hear him stumble through his first statement.

HIDE THE PRIDE: “Hide the Pride” is a parent-led movement for Catholics to reclaim their libraries. Click the pdf link below to learn what you can do to participate. The second link tells about a group that went a step further and signed up to have their own display placed in the library window. The window display (photo above) was assembled during Holy Week, 2023, and will remain in place for all of April.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: CLICK [2:13] to hear Katie Lennon testify in favor of a proposed parental rights bill in New Hampshire. “I thought that in the end I could become a man but all I became was a mutilated and abused version of myself.

The New Hampshire Senate passed the bill, but it is not clear if it will make it through the House. If it does and the governor signs it, it will require schools to give parents access to school curricula, disclose changes a student’s gender identity if a parent asks, and opt children out of specific instruction and some vaccinations. The bill would also give parents the right to sue an educator who they believe has lied to them.

REALITY: “If you take a man and they dress up as a woman and you tell me I have to accept that they’re a woman, then you’re asking me to be complicit in a lie. I refuse to do that.” – Gov. Ron DeSantis

Elon Musk has quietly removed a 2018 era Twitter policy defining deadnaming (using a trans person’s birth name) and misgendering (using someone’s CORRECT gender pronouns) of transgender people as hate speech.

SOMEBODY’S GOTTA DO IT: On this episode, Mike Rowe visits the Mütter Museum, a medical museum in Philadelphia. This episode is NOT for the faint of heart. I’m posting it here, largely because the museum’s curator is marvelous. And also because it’s the first time I heard that Mike Rowe has a new gig, for which I’m glad, because I loved Dirty Jobs.

VAXXX: For the first time ever, the U.S. government has compensated people who were injured by COVID-19 jabs. The amounts were insulting – $2,019 for a severe allergic shock, $1,582 and $1,032 for myocarditis. Those amounts wouldn’t cover a single visit to the ER. Plus, you know, they took We The People’s tax money to buy the damn poison in the first place and now they’re taking more of our money to pay these pathetic compensations … all while continuing to insist that almost everyone should keep getting the shots!

WOMEN’S SPORTS: CLICK for some sense. Also CLICK

GRAMMY NOTES: [4:20] – In honor of our autistic Mascots.


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