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With all the exorcism movies coming out this year, it is natural for faithful Christians to wonder if films of this genre are ever safe, appropriate, or beneficial.

Zachary King posted his thoughts on his Facebook page: “I often get questions about horror movies and if it’s ok for Catholics to watch them. I found this article that I think explains it very well so I’ll put that below. But I have a few thoughts to add and highlight.

First, you need to be careful with getting overly fixated on all things gore, horror and darkness. This is where you need a healthy dose of discernment. If you’re getting a bit addicted, attached or obsessed with such things, you need to reevaluate and back away. Don’t become enmeshed. If it causes you temptation, get rid of it. If this sounds like you, make sure to bring this to confession.

Second, stay away from things like the movie Saw where it *very clearly* glorifies torture and evil. The images are brutal and disturbing. We are what we consume and that includes what we choose to watch and listen to. If the movies have scenes of witchcraft and Satanism where spells are said out loud, I would be safe and avoid it. Or at least fast forward those scenes.

Third, if the movie blasphemes God, ditch it. It’s one thing for a movie or show to be dark in nature but, if it mocks God, stay away from that crap. God deserves better and so do we.

I could probably come up with other pieces of advice here but this is what comes to mind for now. Check out the article to get a well-rounded understanding of the topic. It’ll be helpful.”

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