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ATHEISM: According to Hitchens’ alleged logic, the fact that there are an infinite number of wrong answers for 2 + 2 = x means there are no right answers. The fact is that there is one and only one correct answer.

BABYLON BEE: In honor of the release of the exorcism movie, Nefarious, the Babylon Bee compiled this helpful list of signs you might be possessed.

  1. You’re multilingual, as of yesterday: You woke up with the ability to speak Spanish, Chinese, and the Black Speech of Mordor. Concerning!
  2. You are currently crawling on the ceiling: If, as you’re reading this, you’re crawling on the ceiling or levitating in any way, please seek help from the clergy.
  3. You order pineapple on your pizza: Unspeakable acts like this are a clear sign supernatural darkness has taken hold of someone.
  4. Your preferred pronouns are They/Them: For you are many.
  5. You don’t return your shopping cart to the corral: Only vicious, godless creatures do this.
  6. You have an insatiable urge to teach gender theory to kindergartners: What other explanation could there be?
  7. You think it’s a good idea to surgically mutilate your genitals: Non-possessed people often prefer to keep sharp objects away from their privates.
  8. You’ve been elected to the U.S. Congress: Not a guarantee of demon possession…but at least a 50/50 chance!

BRAGG: On April 17, a Democratic New York City Councilman testified before the House Judiciary Committee about the shocking rise in crime since Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg took office.

On his first day in office, Bragg issued a memo that decriminalized a broad range of offenses and reduced charges for violent crime. This was a signal for every criminal that it was open season on law-abiding citizens in New York County.”

MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS: CLICK to hear something I’ve been expecting for some time now. The report, titled “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty” has this little gem is buried inside:

Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law.

IOW, children can give meaningful consent to sex. Except, no, they can’t.

OF PRAYERS, PROMISES, and MIRACULOUS HEALINGS: I’m not even going to try to give you a synopsis of this one. Just go read it. And, btw, tissue alert.

OHIO: On Saturday, Jane’s Revenge vandalized another pro-life pregnancy center. HerChoice in Bowling Green provides free pregnancy and STI testing, ultrasounds, parenting classes, as well as supplies for infants and toddlers. 

S&G: After 25 years of teaching music at Western Michigan University (WMU), Professor Daniel Mattson’s contract was not renewed. He is suing the university for violations against freedom of speech and religion, as well as equal protection, alleging the university’s management became openly hostile toward him after discovering he had returned to his Catholic faith and rejected the gay lifestyle.

SRA: There is an in-depth article about Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Mormon church at the link. I skimmed it and now feel dizzy and disoriented. The one point I am grateful for is that these people are fighting against the stigma of “Satanic Panic.” IMO, satanists themselves inspired that ‘80s phenom specifically to discredit survivors.

WHAT IS A WOMAN: CLICK in case you aren’t clear on this.


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2 responses to “Bits & Bytes

  1. That’s a pretty pic of Riley Gaines up top.

    Bottom bit: Identical twins! Many chuckles.
    The trifurcated devil thing – interesting, sorta. I had the (vague) impression Lucifer was the primary lunatic and those other ‘devils’ were subordinates who went along with his blasphemous rebellion.* Like some US state goes rogue and the governor drags his lieutenant governor and DA into it.

    Don’t mind me. I just have my own little theological ideas I play with like blocks in the sandbox.

    *You know, a “third part of the stars of heaven” seems like an awful lot.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      The trifurcation is something that Father Ripperger and some other exorcists have learned during exorcisms. It’s not doctrinal, but I do find it interesting. Consider how the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity are united in perfect love; it follows that the three persons of the satanic trinity are united in perfect hatred.

      “Third part” … I actually found that comforting, since it means the angels on OUR side outnumber the ones on their side by 2 to 1!!

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