COVID-19 Update

miRNA: A recent study published in Int. J. Mol. Sci. discloses how the mRNA in the jab disrupts microRNA (miRNA) – small pieces of natural RNA that regulate gene expression. They say this disruption “is responsible for several human pathologies,” including cancer.

Those who have taken multiple mRNA shots are in a brave new world of molecular biology and challenges to their personal health. To the extent these risks are cumulative—no more injections should be taken. The best opportunity to ameliorate complications is to be vigilant and seek care at the first sign of something going wrong.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

MYOCARDITIS: Another MUST WATCH video from the incomparable Dr. John Campbell. [18:30] – Our favorite ‘rona science explainer delves into a study published last month called “Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post-COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis.” Sixteen adolescent patients hospitalized in Boston between January 2021 through February 2022 for post-jab myocarditis were studied intensively and the results compared to 45 asymptomatic, age- and gender-matched, and also jabbed individuals. The sick kids had whole spike proteins circulating, while the healthy kids did not.

Comment on the video: “It’s heartening to see how Dr. Campbell has altered his position as new data have emerged. That is the sign of an authentic scientist. Even though I disagreed with his original position on the shots, it’s clear he’s always come from a place of honesty and integrity. That flexibility, open-mindedness and integrity are what instills trust in a medical professional.”

POLITICS: Early in 2022, a Calgary, Alberta, nurse was accused of “unprofessional conduct for publicly sharing her experiences administering COVID-19 vaccinations and witnessing high rates of COVID-19 vaccination injuries.” Her lawyer recently announced that she has been cleared of any wrongdoing and will be allowed to continue practicing in her field of expertise.  

Canadian nurses deserve better than to be threatened with discipline for telling the truth to the public. Professional regulators must stop this nation-wide inquisition against doctors and nurses who simply choose to uphold their ethical obligations to obtain meaningful informed consent.”  

MORE POLITICS: In 2020, Dr. Paul Marik cofounded the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and subsequently published one of the most comprehensive and effective protocols for treating COVID-19, called MATH+. While COVID mortality in Marik’s ICU was half that of his peers, the hospital banned the protocol from being used.

I was using safe FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] approved drugs which have been shown to be effective for COVID, and the hospital I worked at, the Sentara Healthcare system, publicly made a statement that the pharmacy would no longer dispense the medications I had used …

Basically, all I was left with was remdesivir. As we know, the use of remdesivir was halted for Ebola because it was shown to be a toxic drug that killed people. … They committed out-and-out scientific fraud. We know, according to publicly available World Health Organization [WHO] data, that remdesivir increases the risk of a patient developing renal failure 20-fold. We know it increases your risk of dying.

You can understand the situation that I was in. I was the director of the ICU [intensive care unit]. I had run the ICU for 15 years, and now I was told I can’t use safe and effective drugs to treat my patients. Rather, I must use a toxic drug for which the hospital gets an additional bonus.”

Marik sued to get MATH+ reinstated, at which point he was put through a sham peer review. The hospital levied fabricated charges against him, suspended his hospital privileges, and effectively ended his clinical career.

That was a big awakening for me and it speaks to the depth—the breadth of corruption. Basically, the health care system is not patient-geared, or health care-geared, or geared to enlighten patients, improve their health, improve their lifespan, make them happy, improve their general health.

The system is designed to make money. Simple as that. Make money for Big Pharma. Make money for the hospitals and the system and therefore empower the NIH. That’s a brief overview of this journey that I’ve traveled. They have persecuted me professionally and personally. Their goal was to take me down and destroy my career.”

Marik is now researching and developing health protocols using lifestyle modification, diet, and repurposed drugs.

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