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Matt Walsh writes, “God does not want my bare minimum. God does not want me to go just one step further than other people. He does not say, ‘Be good enough.’ He does not say, ‘Be better than most.’ He says, ‘Be perfect.’ Of course, it’s hard to shoot for perfection. It is all the harder when you are surrounded by people who are not even trying. The world tells us that there is no such thing as good or bad. All is permissible. Sin is no big deal. Some sins are even laudatory. There is no perfection. But Christ calls us out of that relativistic fog—all the way out. Not to mere acceptability or decency, but to holiness, to sainthood. He will settle for nothing less, so neither can we.”

AOC: This popular Democrat appeared on MSNBC with Biden’s former spox and said the federal government should remove Tucker Carlson, and other Fox hosts, from the air for “incitement to violence” (of which she gives no examples). Psaki nodded in agreement.

PFIZER: Remember when Pfizer and the FDA tried (and failed) to delay release of COVID-19 records for 75 years? The report, “PREGNANCY AND LACTATION CUMULATIVE REVIEW” dated April 20, 2021, is clearly one of the reasons. In it, Pfizer recorded that 11.3% of the 458 pregnant women who were injected lost their babies. The normal rate is 5-6%.

RSV: Pfizer wants to push yet another vaccine on us. This one for a disease that is mild, of short duration, and easily treated at home with inhalers or nebulizers. Their trials … including, incredibly, on pregnant women … show the vaccine is essentially worthless, which I’m sure won’t stop them from trying to shove it into our arms anyway.

TRANS REGRET: She was totally supported by her family and doctors.

WITCHCRAFT: The Madison County Sheriff’s Office in Texas is “actively coordinating with other agencies to find answers” after ranchers found six cows dead in suspicious circumstances. Not that anybody asked me, but I’m voting for demon worship.

The cows had all had their tongues and the hide around their mouths removed with straight, precise cuts, but the meat was not touched and there was no blood spill. On two of the cows, “a circular cut was made removing the anus and the external genitalia. This circular cut was made with the same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow.” These are all signs of a ritual sacrifice done to empower a curse, maybe something to do with silencing a potential whistleblower.

If that wasn’t enough evidence, these dead cows lay untouched for several weeks after their deaths, because no predators or birds would scavenge the remains.


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  1. Howdy.
    six cows dead in suspicious circumstances
    This happened before, mass cattle die-off, seemingly weird mutilation, theories about Satanists and UFO’s. Then and now, I’ve read the same reasonable explanation (quoting a commenter on A♠):

    That is an almost word-for-word recap of the cattle mutilation panic from 40-odd years ago. Which was eventually proven to be a nothingburger. Cows die suddenly, out on the range. Disease, lightning strike, who knows? Dead cows bloat, tongue protrudes, so does anus and genitalia. Buzzards or other scavengers, seeking easy, tender pickings, eat those parts first, leaving a circular wound. No blood, because critter many hours dead already.

    It’s funny to imagine devil cultists out in the pasture — the prairie is not like the mall. Eww, what did I just step in?

    But I’m still thinking it might be UFOs. Those Grays have some weird fetishes, it’s well known.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      There’s nothing funny about cultists and I’m pretty sure that scavengers don’t make precise, straight cuts or carefully peel back the skin without damaging the muscle underneath.

      Years ago, I was part of a prayer group that focused on binding evil spirits in our county. During that period, we found a dead bunny in our driveway.

      The pelt had been cut in a straight, precise line around the body, just beneath the front legs, then turned inside out without damaging any of the animals muscles.

      We live in a development and use our driveway daily. It didn’t randomly drop dead and get itself oddly mutilated by predators before we found it. It was ritually sacrificed and dropped as a warning.

      Too bad for the cultists that we’re devout Catholics and know exactly how to counter curses … which starts with taking them seriously.

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