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CANADA: Justin Trudeau is a hateful lying liar. While researching his latest verbal fart, I came across this statement that he made in 2018: Evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.”

CLICK [2:42] to hear his latest (if you can stand to listen to him). Among other things, he says he did not force anyone to get the ‘rona jab; he merely encouraged it. Below are two statements he now characterizes as “encouragement” to get the jab.

December 29, 2021 – “[T]here is still a part of the population [that] is fiercely against [vaccination]. They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist… It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space. This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people?

February 2022 – “Mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions.

CNN: Don Lemon is gone. And good riddance, not that I ever watch CNN. CLICK [3:13] to hear his last interview in which he ignorantly and rudely sneers at his Indian-American guest. The most ludicrous thing he says is that, because of the skin he lives in every day, he is a better source of facts about the horrible lack of freedoms Blacks endure in this country today. Yeah, cuz I’m so sure that a man whose net worth is $12 million knows all about the oppression his skin color causes.

FAUXTUS: Old Joe (81) has announced he is running for re-election. Back in 1972, he sneered at a 63-year-old Republican, saying he was too old to run for elected office.

FOX NEWS: This is worth watching. It’s not comedy. [21:02] – JP Sears offers the best explanations of Tucker’s ouster that I’ve heard. The graphic he discusses is at the link. And also here:

MATT WALSH: PLEASE CLICK [15:22] to hear the details about the Wrongs’ massive assault on his income, privacy, and safety. You can fight back by following his show @,,, or any podcaster you use.

S&G: [2:29] – CLICK [6:20] to hear Tucker talk about the massive shift from political goals (seeking the best outcomes for the most people) to theological goals (seeking the most evil outcomes for the most people). In short, he’s noticed that Satan is running things and our only hope is in the Lord.

He’s not kidding about the Piskies. I had two very dear friends die in the same week; their funerals were back-to-back, one day apart. The first, a Catholic Mass, was packed with mourners praying for the soul of the dearly departed and her family. The second, an Episcopalian memorial service, was packed with mourners who heard nothing about Jesus, the Cross, Salvation, or Heaven, and who did no praying whatsoever. The first was as rich and nourishing as a 7-course banquet served on the best china; the second was as dry and sterile as a Dixie cup of punch with two stale cookies on a paper plate.

TEXAS: When FWPD Officers attempted to arrest the guy with the pepper spray, he took a swing at them. Two others attempted to interfere with the officers’ efforts to arrest the first, one hitting an officer in the face with his umbrella. All three were arrested; Antifa bailed them out.

In other Texas news, another school district has voted to join the marshal’s program that puts highly trained, armed security guards in public schools. Seventy-four of the 1,200 Texas school districts are operating marshal programs, with about 300 marshals currently in place.

TRANS: Their respect only goes one way. CLICK to hear a mother of 2 call them out about calling her “cisgender.” Remember when we were just supposed to keep our noses out of other people’s bedrooms? Good times.

TUCKER CARLSON: CLICK [1:57] to hear a clip from a recent interview. Also, click the link to read Babylon Bee’s latest.

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