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BORDER: FAUXTUS has just reinstated a Trump immigration rule he sneered at during the 2020 campaign and canceled as soon as he got in office. The rule disqualifies migrants from applying for asylum in the U.S. if they neglected to first apply for asylum in other countries they traveled through, such as Mexico. Funny thing how he let chaos reign at the border until five minutes after he announced he’s running for re-election.

CNN: I get so sick of hosts who won’t let their guests talk. CLICK [3:39] to hear the eloquent Rep. Byron Daniels [FL-R] battle to talk about Trump’s townhall.

EDUCATION: [6:22] – Glendale, CA, high school sex ed teacher ignored parent’s sex ed restrictions and shaming her minor daughter for wanting to abide by those restrictions. N.b., I googled “lesbian scissoring” and the hits that came up were all PORNOGRAPHIC.

ELDER ABUSE: Dems are so desperate to maintain their slim majority in the Senate that 89-year-old Sen. Feinstein has returned to work after being absent for months due to ill health. Her vote is especially critical on the Senate Judiciary Committee; without her, Dems haven’t been able to advance some of FAUXTUS’ incompetent nominees to federal benches.

EFFING BEE: Yesterday, a FB friend posted just the sign on the left; she and many commenters had snarky things to say, but it wasn’t until I added my snarky reply to the graphic itself that Facebook’s computer got its panties in a bunch. My graphic was removed for violating Community Standards. I asked for a person to look at it and today I got an apology, “Your post is now back on Facebook. Sorry we got it wrong.” WOOHOO!! 🙂

HERO: In 1967, Randall Champion accidentally touched a high-voltage line, electrifying himself and stopping his heart. A fellow linemen, J.D. Thompson, performed mouth-to-mouth and CPR until paramedics arrived. Champion survived. This famous photo by Rocco Morabito is known as “The Kiss of Life”; it won Morabito a Pulitzer Prize. After his recovery, Champion worked several decades longer. He passed away in 2002.


CLICK for hysterical advice to criminals.

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  1. the hits that came up were all PORNOGRAPHIC.

    Um, yeah. I wish I could un-learn some of the terms I know.

    Whatever image search site you’re using should have a filter you can set. DuckDuckGo has Safe search: strict/ moderate/ off. Your search phrase on “strict” still turned up a few pix of, um, awkwardly-posed women… but they had clothes on!

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