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BIDEN CRIME FAMILY: CLICK [2:20] to hear Rep. Comer say, “Any other American family would’ve already been indicted and probably gone to prison.” Hmm … I think he meant to say “Any Republican family ….”

Taking the high road has gotten Republicans nowhere. It’s time for the low road. Let’s make 2024 a referendum on Biden, his family’s alleged foreign influence-peddling scheme, and the corrupt administrative state that has protected him for so long.” – Elizabeth Stauffer

COVID-19: Today is the official end to the Federal Public Health Emergency in the United States. Unlike other nations where science trumps Big Pharma’s profit margin, we’re still being told “It is essential to receive the COVID-19 bivalent booster.” However, Dr. John Campbell says the Omicron is just a rotten cold. Dunno about you, but I am keeping up with our daily Zinc, Vitamins C&D, and Quercitin supplements, while keeping Xlear nasal spray on hand for effective early intervention.

DEEP STATE: On the one day that the Bidens need deep cover (see Biden Crime Family above), his DOJ decides to arrest Rep. George Santos [R-NY3] for wire fraud.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:24] to hear Dementia Joe do his thing … again.

FOX NEWS: Monty Python [:27] – In 2022, Tucker Carlson Tonight averaged 523,000 “demo” viewers, the 25-54 year-olds that advertisers care about most. On May 5, two weeks after Tucker’s last show, the prim 8 p.m. ET slot attracted only 90,000 “demo” viewers.

MILITARY: Lefties are spending $60 million to change the names of 8 Army bases who were named for members of the Confederate Army. It’s going to take a while to get used to the new names; a bunch of my kids have served at some of these forts.

Fort Benning will be named Fort Moore. Fort Polk will be renamed Fort Johnson. Fort Bragg will become Fort Liberty. Fort Gordon will become Fort Eisenhower. Fort Lee will become Fort Gregg-Adams. Fort Pickett will become Fort Barfoot. Fort Rucker will be renamed to Fort Novosel.

MURPHY MEETS ROCKY: CLICK the link for this feel good, must read story!

MALICIOUS PROSECUTION: A New York jury found the Wrongs’ favorite whipping boy guilty of sexual abuse, battery, and defamation and awarded plaintiff, E. Jean Carroll, $5 million. She told the jury that Trump attacked her inside a Bergdorf Goodman department store in 1995 or 1996. Trump says he has no idea who the woman even is.

Riiiight. Only a True Blue Democrat jury would believe that a mega famous billionaire who could wine, dine, and bed almost any woman he wanted would assault some rando in a department store. It’s almost as dumb as believing that a woman who was assaulted by a mega famous billionaire didn’t immediately report it and sue the bejeebers out of him five minutes later.

TUCKER: CLICK [:31] to hear how deeply frightened the Wrongs are about an honest journalist having unfettered access to audiences.

WRONGS: [11:01] – The “they/them” at the beginning reveals the real issue here, which is their attachment to being chronically aggrieved.


CLICK for an awesome trick for accurately placing screws.

CLICK for a wonderful barber-kid interaction.

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  1. That E. Jean Carroll is a real piece of work. Rape-obsessed nut. Sad but hilarious interview with Anderson Cooper had him cutting to commercial, looking very uncomfortable. She helped work for extending the statute of limitations without which she couldn’t have brought suit. Cherry-on-top, the billionaire financing her suit is Reid Hoffman, who visited Epstein’s Island and met with the sex trafficker on at least two other occasions.

    But, mainly, her rape story, so I’m given to understand, was lifted straight from a 2012 Law & Order episode… a series she is known to have liked.

    The verdict was in before the trial began. Evil wrong.

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