In my own defense

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3 responses to “In my own defense

  1. See, told ya they say stupid things EVERY DAY 😀 Therefore, everyday is fools day on that network.

    It’s that Alinsky thing, keep saying it over and over and people will start believing it. It’s how Obama got elected in the first places, tingles and all !


  2. Ting

    Good Glory, Chrissy! You have been on a creative roll. I loved the webshots postcards, too. I almost screamed when I saw the McDonalds sign in front of the White House. Thousands of McWaivers served! That was one of those things that had such a simple image for such a powerful message. Good job.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      You’re sweet to give me credit for brilliant photoshops, but I haven’t been doing much of that lately.

      Terrell did the White House McWaivers and also the water image I used for today’s open thread. Rich Terrell is brilliant and unbelievably prolific … routinely produces five political cartoon photoshops a week!

      And he has given me carte blanche to use any of his graphics here whenever I choose. He and my other carte blanche bud, Jim Walter, always sign their work, usually on the bottom, and when I post their work here, I add a link to the appropriate home page.

      I never sign my work. It violates my “keep a super low profile so my military kids don’t worry” policy. But lots of internet graphics are unsigned and I freely borrow for posting! Like the Obama in a party hat with balloons. Not mine.

      There’s actually only one place you can be certain a graphic is by me or a family member who gave me permission and that’s my Zazzle store. I only use imagery I own outright for my t-shirts and mugs and such.

      Chrissy Originals at Zazzle