The place Barack Obama CHOSE for his political career

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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12 responses to “The place Barack Obama CHOSE for his political career

  1. Okay, somebody straighten me out here. I feel really bad for Blago and was routing for him. I’m NOT saying it’s okay because they all do it, I’m saying what he did PALES to the vast majority of what most the rest of them are doing. Furthermore, Blago, like anyone, is already destroyed when the government comes after you with all their (read OUR) resources, so his life was over long before now. Taxpayers did not need to spend the millions spent on THIS.


  2. It’s hard to feel too sorry for someone whose language makes the outpourings of a common, vituperous acquaintance seem like the prayerful expressions of Mother Superior and all her nuns. But that could be just me.


  3. Okay, you guys are TOO funny. Seriously. But it should be noted by now that the first time around he was found guilty of one out of twenty, this time was it 19? Shows some inefficiencies there and I don’t think for one minute that there weren’t more bigger fish to fry, even related to this trial, that were covered up and Blago was the fall guy. HOPEFULLY, but unlikely since he would have rolled by now, this is much bigger than him.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      He did not testify at his first trial; the jury could not come to a consensus about guilt or innocence. At his retrial, he did testify and they convicted him on almost all counts.


  4. GK

    I notice that the first image conveniently didn’t include George Ryan’s picture but included him in small print at the bottom – a Republican who is also in jail. So it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, they are all corrupt! But this site is only one sided – typical BS!


    • You are correct. It was mentioned in the fine print and you have now mentioned it, yet again, in the comments. To assert that the entire site is biased based on one small piece of information is a fallacy . You will notice that we have a large number of contributors here at PoliNation, from various backgrounds and political affiliations. Each of us has our own unique story and we certainly don’t always agree with each other. While some write more than others, we are all free to express our opinions here in an open and honest manner without resorting to attacks. We’re human, after all, and sometimes mistakes and misunderstandings happen. Please feel free to write a contradictory opinion any time you believe that we have overlooked some detail(s) and/or misunderstood the facts. You will find our moderation policy on the About Us page. I hope that it will help guide you in your future endeavors at PoliNation.


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