The Darwin lobby often asserts that Intelligent Design scientists are not doing real science and that we can know this because their work is never peer-reviewed published. Neither claim is true. They are doing real science and they have been peer-reviewed published. What is true, however, is that the most powerful and fundamentally religious of Darwinists do their best to ensure that peer-reviewed articles by Intelligent Design scientists are not peer-review published.

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Darwinism is the politically correct science and, as with other areas where the Left has staked its claim to truth, anyone who has a different opinion is branded a heretic and punished to the fullest extent possible by the Orthodox Faithful.

Ben Stein covers this subject in his excellent documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

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The entire movie is available free at YouTube @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obqWnzAcWWA

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Netflix also has it.

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How the Scientific “Consensus” on Evolution is Maintained By Granville Sewell – April 26, 2012


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  1. GP

    They do the same thing in medicine. Doctors who dare to write about alternative treatments, are never allowed to present their papers. I read a great blog a while ago from an oncologist who was complaining how hard it was to get his papers published about nutrition and alternatives for cancer treatments and present them at oncology conventions. Thus, they can continue to claim that alternatives are bogus because they are not peer reviewed. It is such a travesty.
    Cancer is curable! There is just no magic pill, and no one size fits all. Millions could be saved if we were told the truth.Alternatives will save lives! But the drug companies do not want us to know that, and they own the AMA, the FDA, the ACS, etc.
    The drug companies also pay people to run websites like quackbusters that profess to be helping expose the truth about alternative medicine, when all they do is lie. Fortunately, quackbusters has been exposed and taken to court, but people still cite it as a legitimate source.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The situation is the same in allergy treatments. Dr. Doris Rapp did a blind study on asthmatic horses once that proved her neutralization end point therapy worked. She couldn’t even get anyone to LOOK at the study.

      I begged my family practitioner to at least talk to my Clinical Ecologist, who had been an MD about 30 years longer than her! I offered to be a guinea pig for her to see how they do the neutralization end point testing. She told me flat out, “I will not meet with him under any circumstances.” Wow, if that ain’t PREJUDICE, I don’t know what is.


    • The big pharmaceutical companies are so wealthy and powerful that they control (through their puppets in government) who can get a grant to do medical research. Don’t even bother applying for a grant to study the negative aspects of vaccines, drugs, etc. — you’d be wasting your time.

      Similarly, most magazines won’t print articles that are unfavorable to drugs or vaccines or anything else the drug companies are making big bucks off of, because the drug companies are their biggest advertisers.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        And greater centralization of medical decisions via nationalized health care will only make this worse by reducing even further the choke hold a small number of big money special interest groups can exert on medical care choices.

        With just a handful of people (like the fifteen unelected pro-aborts Obama and Sebelius put on the Obamacare board) making all the decisions about what gets covered, what doesn’t, what’s allowed, what isn’t … there are far fewer palms for Big Pharma, the AMA, unions, etc. to grease to keep alternatives, uppity small time companies and those foul Pro-Life types from having any piece of the pie.

        If we had a truly free market in health insurance, freed from in-state-only restrictions and tied-to-employment plans, we’d have maximum choice and minimum costs.


  2. A Mindful Webworker

    Started as comment, became longish, ramble about science & religion. Since I tip the mindful noggin to this hyar article as inspiration (while absolving you of blame), I figured I should mention here that I mentioned you there. 😀
    Scientists and Theologians Mud-Wrestle


    • chrissythehyphenated

      You are such a good writer! And thanks for the hat tip. I agree with most all of what you said, except for one bit which is more implied than stated and I may be inferring incorrectly.

      Are you one of those who believes that Intelligent Design scientists are Creationists, not real scientists? If that is so and you are interested in correcting your world view with some truth, I can personally recommend the following …

      … This also segued from a too long comment into a postable blog! LOL


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