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Atheist’s new book is a bombshell

In September, Oxford University Press officially releases the hardcover version of a new book by renowned philosopher Thomas Nagel at New York University. It’s a bombshell.

Already available on Kindle, Nagel’s book carries the provocative title Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False.

Nagel is an atheist who is not convinced by the positive case for intelligent design. But he clearly finds the evidence for modern Darwinian theory wanting. Moreover, he is keenly appreciative of the “iconoclasts” of the intelligent design movement for raising a significant challenge to the current scientific orthodoxy.


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Darwinists would want Jefferson silenced


July 4, 2012: Founding Father Thomas Jefferson on Intelligent Design [see below about timing of podcast]

This podcast uses Thomas Jefferson’s own writings to show that, while he repudiated traditional Christianity, he found abundant evidence of intelligent design in nature itself.

The podcast bar says it’s 14 minutes long. It’s actually only 8 minutes long. Maybe it’s a boilerplate? I dunno. The important thing is that the meaty bits you want to listen to last only about six minutes. The first minute is introduction and the last is an ad for the podcast series. To skip them both, slide the bar to 1:00, listening and then turn it off at 7:00.


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Seeking the limits of Darwinism

I’m reading Michael Behe’s new book. He’s famous for annoying the hell out of Darwinists with Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution (1998).

The new one, The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism (2007) is fascinating me. I don’t usually read non-fiction at bed time, because I’m too tired. But Behe has such a charming style (especially for a scientist LOL) that I am glued to the pages.

He cooks up these everyday examples, which he describes very vividly, then uses them to illustrate what the science is about. He has the hard science stuff for those who want it, but he marks it off for the people like me who prefer to (okay, need to! LOL) skip it.

His subjects in this book are:

clarifying the definition of Darwinism, particularly by separating “natural selection by random mutation” from “common descent” which are very different issues;

clarifying the definition of Intelligent Design (and IMHO bending over backwards to NOT offend the legions of English speaking reading who imbibed “Darwin is true” with their mother’s milk); and

using really recent scientific breakthroughs in genetics to try to find the limits of where Darwin was right and where he was wrong.


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The Darwin lobby often asserts that Intelligent Design scientists are not doing real science and that we can know this because their work is never peer-reviewed published. Neither claim is true. They are doing real science and they have been peer-reviewed published. What is true, however, is that the most powerful and fundamentally religious of Darwinists do their best to ensure that peer-reviewed articles by Intelligent Design scientists are not peer-review published.

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Darwinism is the politically correct science and, as with other areas where the Left has staked its claim to truth, anyone who has a different opinion is branded a heretic and punished to the fullest extent possible by the Orthodox Faithful.

Ben Stein covers this subject in his excellent documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

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The entire movie is available free at YouTube @

(I’m not going to embed it, as I believe this would greatly slow how this page loads. If you go to the URL, I suggest you skip the worthless comment section underneath. Yuck.)

Netflix also has it.

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A Quality of Shyness

I just read a wonderful article by David Klinghoffer called A Quality of “Shyness” in the Evidence for Intelligent Design.

He weaves a beautiful essay about a saying from the Talmud:

Wherever you find mention of the greatness of the Holy One, Blessed Be He, there you will also find mention of his humility.

I feel as if my head and heart have both been filled with wonderful stuff to ponder and praise God for! Here are my favorite bits:

The purpose of setting aside weekday activities on the Sabbath is to make a space where God will feel comfortable and — so to speak — unafraid of joining with us in our homes in a most intimate fashion. All the frenetic driving, shopping, cellphone-talking and Internet-surfing we do the rest of the week would absolutely poison such an atmosphere.

The God of the Bible … is a personality and, just as people can have seemingly discordant traits, apparently in contradiction to other traits they display to us, God too has characteristics that you might not expect. Among them is the quality, surprising to find in the transcendent source of all existence, of being rather shy.

This may explain a lot of things. For example, why so much of the Bible gives a superficial impression of simplicity, even primitiveness or dry legalism. Impatient readers assume that’s all there is to it, never realizing what lies beneath the surface but that can only be uncovered by subtle probing of hints and nuances, hidden and delicate pointers that give way suddenly, unexpectedly on limitless vistas of wisdom from another world.

It may, finally, explain why the evidence of nature’s design is elusive to lots of people. Often we wonder why Darwinists can never seem to get it. They champ and cry and try to shout us down with taunts that we are “creationists.”

We try to explain to them that their materialism keeps them trotting in a closed logical circle where Darwinian evolution, the rule of blind, dumb forces over all nature, must explain life’s history because only blind, dumb forces are allowed to be adduced in explanation of anything.

They can never seem to quiet themselves down and open up to the possibility that science itself suggests other influences at play in life’s development. In truth, that evidence is subtle. It can’t be heard over a lot of noise, the hubbub created chiefly by our fears that embracing unfashionable ideas may endanger our personal prestige.

It takes patience and study to see any of this. … It’s a “still small voice,” hardly more than that. Furiously gesturing to your own creativity would be immodest, the opposite of humble — not God’s style at all. … Just what you might expect from a deity who would think up an idea like the Sabbath as the distinctive medium where he chooses to meet human beings up close.

Speaking only for myself, this is one thing about intelligent design that makes it so satisfying, in contrast to other ways of construing the relevant evidence. It’s what makes it possible to be — adapting Richard Dawkin’s famous phrase — an intellectually fulfilled theist.


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