Democrats oppose lowering health care costs

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Last week, the House passed a law that would eliminate this ObamaCare tax.

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The Yays were bipartisan. The Nays were Democrat only. Given the Dem opposition, even if this passes the Senate, I’m doubtful BHO will sign it. It might survive a House vote to overturn a veto, but not a Senate vote.

Still, I thought it worth while to graphic and get it out there for those Indies who are wondering which side they’re going to support in November. It gives the lie to a bunch of Democrat claims – that they are all about bipartisanship and helping out the little people and that Republicans are obstructionists who only care about the rich.

Really? Then why are the only NAY votes from the Democrats? And why are so many Democrats opposed to reducing health care costs for the people in the middle income brackets who most need and want these ObamaCare things repealed? Do they really believe that a tax on band-aids and tampons is going to HELP the really poor? Or that relieving this burden is about pandering to the rich? Puh-leeze.

And get a load of their contraception and gay rights hypocrisy … this tax includes condoms and diaphragms!

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