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There Are RINOs but Never DINOs

There Are RINOs but Never DINOs

By Steve Feinstein

This kind of politician seems to exist only on the Republican side of the fence. Only Republicans have to scramble to make sure all their members are on board for crucial congressional votes. When a Senate vote looms on a controversial measure, only Republicans have to be certain that all their members are on the same page.

If a Democrat votes with the Republican position, it’s almost always when the measure would have passed anyway and the Democrat in question has been given the behind-doors “nod-nod, wink-wink authorization” that it’s okay with the Democratic hierarchy if he votes against the party in order to preserve his popularity with his local electorate. [continue reading]


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It Had to Figure

As reported here yesterday, the Republican headquarters in my hometown were vandalized the other night. A suspect has been arrested.

42-year-old man accused of defacing Winnebago County Republican HQ

ROCKFORD, Ill. – 42-year-old Timothy Damm, of Rockford, was arrested for allegedly spray painting the word ‘rape’ and ‘shame’ dozens of times on the Winnebago County Republican Headquarters on Sunday morning.

Damm was present when police were investigating the crime on Sunday, and was interviewed by Eyewitness News. Continue reading

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Cautiously Optimistic

North Dakota Senate Race

Strategic Research Associates (SRA) found the Republican challenger Rep. Kevin Cramer (51%) leading incumbent Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (41%) by 10 points. On whether Kavanaugh should be confirmed, SRA found 60% yes vs. 27% no. Among national issues, the SRA poll say an overwhelmingly that 21% of North Dakota voters listed Kavanaugh as their biggest concern. Second was health care at just 13%.

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Nothing Too Low for the Left

IP Address of Person Who Doxxed GOP Senators Points to Maxine Waters’s Office

Shortly after Lindsey Graham went off on Senate Democrats for destroying Kavanaugh’s life in order to derail his confirmation, Republicans were doxxed.
The victims included Republican Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch of Utah and Lindsey Graham, reported the Washington Times.
The IP address of the villain who doxxed the Republican Senators is

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Democrats Counting Their Chickens

Donna Shalala Losing Steam in FL Congressional Race Democrats Thought Was Theirs

Why isn’t this vile leprechaun still touring the country in a pickup truck with Janet Reno?

“Democrats exulted when U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen announced last year she was retiring. Because the Republican congresswoman’s district leans Democratic, one prominent Washington election watcher immediately labeled the race ‘lean Democratic,” the Miami Herald reported last week: No longer. Continue reading


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How They Operate

Ron De Santis won the Republican primary Tuesday and the media whores immediately misquoted him to make it look like a racial attack on his opponent. Continue reading

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Are They Worried Yet?

The Democrats need more than 90% support from blacks to win. Will numbers like these mean more votes for Republicans or do they just stay home?

Trump Approval Ratings with Black Voters Soars to New All-Time High at 36%

The liberal mainstream media likes to paint President Trump as a racist every time he criticizes ANY person of color.
Now we know why.

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Letting the Mask Slip

Normally, they don’t show their true identity until after the election.

Ohio Veterans Blast Cordray for Comparing Republicans, Trump Administration to Nazis

Military veterans condemned Ohio Democrat Richard Cordray, a current candidate for governor, in a new ad for his comparisons of the Trump administration and Republicans to Nazis.

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How Petty Are They?

Really petty.

Out in Left Field: DNC Refuses to Play RNC in Time-Honored Softball Game

Despite being a time-honored tradition going back many years, the DNC is refusing to play the RNC at this year’s annual softball game.
RNC sources tell The Daily Caller that they were “stunned” when Democrats abruptly pulled out of the good-natured game between leadership and staffers at opposing political organizations. Continue reading


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The Torch Is Passed from RINO to RINO

Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan’s reliable ally in his battle with the conservative base, will be the next Speaker of the House (provided they keep their majority.) Conservative members of this esteemed body are far too few in number to do much more than be a distraction from the inexorable march to complete surrender of the country to the radical socialists, as long as they themselves are exempted.

McCarthy’s path to Speaker gets more complicated

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, threw his hat into the ring for Speaker on Thursday, part of a strategy to extract concessions from the front-runner in exchange for support from the bloc of roughly 30 conservative rabble-rousers.

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