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Democrat Hide and Seek

There was a post on my Facebook feed from a local politician running for state rep. I commented why is it that some candidates will not declare their political affiliation. It’s a culture of lies and deception to achieve an end. So it goes in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker Participates in Nearly Twice as Many Public Events as Dem Challenger

Tony Evers spent September raising money from unions.

The Democratic candidate hauled in $714,511 from committees throughout the month, $611,000 of which came from union-affiliated committees. Continue reading

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Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

W. Virginia’s Decision to Allow Smartphone Voting for Midterms Raises Serious Security Concerns

Every Democrat has at least 3 Obama phones to vote with.
Real, real bad things will happen.
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Democrats Counting Their Chickens

Donna Shalala Losing Steam in FL Congressional Race Democrats Thought Was Theirs

Why isn’t this vile leprechaun still touring the country in a pickup truck with Janet Reno?

“Democrats exulted when U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen announced last year she was retiring. Because the Republican congresswoman’s district leans Democratic, one prominent Washington election watcher immediately labeled the race ‘lean Democratic,” the Miami Herald reported last week: No longer. Continue reading


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Crawling Out of the Woodwork

Sex Workers’ Rights Activists Celebrate Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar Win in NY Primary

These idiots want socialism…they have no clue what it is.
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In Case You Hadn’t Heard

Republican Wins Texas Special Election… In District Hillary Won by 12 Percentage Points

What blue wave?

Democrat Gallego lost bigly to Republican Flores in a special election for the Texas State Senate seat in District 19. The seat was vacated after Democrat Carlos Uresti was convicted of 11 felonies.

2018_09 20 TX Senate faces

This district has not seen a Republican hold the seat in 139 years, which may come as no surprise when you look at where it is. The fact the Dems LOST says a whole lot of something about border and immigration!

2018_09 20 TX Senate 19


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But He’s Not REALLY Black

Eddie Edwards wins NH GOP nomination in 1st Congressional District

A black nominee for the GOP in one of the whitest states in the US.

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According to Plan

Democrats have made no secret of their intentions.
They are wildly successful in their effort to flood the system.

Illegal Immigrants Give California Up to Five Extra Congressional Seats
In 2009 there were an estimated illegal alien population in the United States of 11.9 million.

That was Barack Obama’s first year in office.

After eight more years of the Obama open border – catch and release policies it is safe to say that number likely rose by another 5-10 million. Continue reading

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Going Even Farther Left

Another established Democrat loses to a far left socialist and buddy of Occasional-Cortex.

Here We Go Again: Far-left Candidate Unseats 10-term Incumbent in Massachusetts Dem Primary

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Florida Will Choose

The gubernatorial primaries in Florida were held yesterday.
Congressman Ron DeSantis, outspent and originally trailing, was boosted by the vocal support of President Trump and won handily.
The Democrat contest was won by Tallahassee mayor and Sanders-backed socialist, Andrew Gillum.
He’s another corrupt politician looking to get rich on other peoples’ misery. Continue reading

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Dude Looks Like a Lady

Well,he/she/it did it.

Progressive Christine Hallquist becomes 1st transgender gubernatorial nominee for major party Continue reading


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