Send in the Clowns

On Tuesday, a reporter asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a serious question about immigration reform. Reid didn’t like the question and didn’t want to respond. So he dissed the reporter.

Reid: That’s a clown question, bro. [:07]

Reid’s line harkened to an oft-repeated quip — “That’s a clown question, bro” — by Bryce Harper — the Nationals’ 19-year-old outfielder — in response to a question about what his favorite beer is.

Harper is a Mormon, Mormons don’t drink, so clearly Harper had a point. The reporter who asked him about his favorite beer had not done his homework.

But the question the reporter asked the SENATE MAJORITY LEADER was a serious one.

Sadly, Reid got a laugh at the time. Even more sadly, the Laughing Stock Media is reporting NOT on how he rudely mocked a reporter’s legitimate question, but how cute and clever he was to quote Harper’s line.

Immigration is not a small issue. Especially since last Friday, when President Obama issued an executive order suspending deportation of hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants and making them all eligible for work visas.

IOW, Obama did an end run around Congress, whose Constitutionally-defined JOB it is MAKE laws about things like immigration. He officially instructed INS to NOT enforce the laws that Congress has passed and a President has signed into law. He alone. All by himself. All hail the Clown King, Barack Obama!

I couldn’t find the question part at YouTube, but it is embedded here. You can also see how long it takes Reid to answer.

I also was not able to find the identity of the reporter. I’m itching to know if he is Black. After a White reporter spoke out of turn in the Rose Garden last Friday, the MSM cast all their stories about racial disrespect, conveniently ignoring the content of Obama’s announcement … which was that he was telling INS to ignore the law.

There is an odd symmetry here, isn’t there? The reporter Reid dissed asked what Reid, as the head honcho of the Senate, was planning to do about Obama’s end run on immigration. If it had been a Republican president, Reid would’ve welcomed the chance to castigate this bare knuckled power grab. Instead, he slaps down the reporter with a disrespectful quip.

Let’s just suppose it had been a Republican President who told INS not to enforce the law and a White Republican Senate Majority Leader who slapped down a Black reporter asking the same question. Would the media be chuckling about a clever quip? Or would they be going into the latest round of “Oh. My. God. Republicans are all RAAAACISTS!”

I’m just saying.

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  1. Ting

    There is no way on God’s green earth that Harry Reid could ever, in any way, shape, or form be considered “cool” so he just better give up that idea right now, and stick to his cowboy poetry. This just makes him look even more nerdy, which I previously thought was impossible.