REAL healthcare reform

It’s NOT what the Obama Democrats are doing!

The House of Representatives has, with BIPARTISAN support, passed a 2013 budget for the military (H.R. 5856 – Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2013).

President Obama says he plans to veto it.

Among his gripes are that the House budget did NOT include his proposed $1.8 Billion INCREASE in what SOLDIERS would have to pay in for their families’ health insurance.

Soldiers aren’t the only ones who have felt the negative effects of Obama Democrat leadership on healthcare.

The Democrats’ claim that Republicans just want you to die on the floor is bull. Visit to see more personal stories of how bad ObamaCare has been and what fiscally-responsible and caring solutions exist for real healthcare reform.

Sidebar: Jonathan Small says in the video how his family is struggling to pay down their $6,000 medical bills from a broken arm and childbirth while he was uninsured.

The estimated cost for the fuel it takes to fly Barack Obama anywhere on Air force One is about $60,000 an hour. Give or take. That’s about $6,000 every SIX MINUTES.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Obama flew from the White House to Portsmouth, NH, to Boston, MA, to Atlanta, GA, to Miami, FL, and back to the White House.

What “important Presidential work” did he accomplish on this expensive trip? Fund-raising for his campaign to get re-elected.

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3 responses to “REAL healthcare reform

  1. GP

    Fool proof- FREE- Universal healthcare program :
    1. get off your ass
    2. stop eating crap
    3. take a daily dose of the above


  2. As retirees, we have the military insurer Tricare, our co-pays and deductibles went up after the bill was passed and there are rumors they want to up our premiums 400% to force us into Obamacare. Wow, way to win over the military and veterans votes. Not.


  3. We’re self-employed, so we pay an arm and a leg for health insurance, and that’s with a HUGE deductible. I just can’t WAIT to see how much Obummercare is gonna save me. 😦