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Page Turner or Stomach Turner

This is an absolutely pathetic sop to the former messiah, Barackbygodobamaallpraisehisname, by a columnist for that famous fish wrap, the New York Slimes. I could hardly read this sycophantic tome and I doubt you could.

Review: ‘To Obama, With Love, Joy, Anger, And Hope’ by Jeanne Marie Laskas
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The Worst Ex-President Derby

Will Obama overtake Carter?

In the worst president bout, Obama takes the gold because Jimmy Carter at least recognized his mistakes with Iran and at the end of his term increased defense spending, and showed some muscle with the Carter Doctrine, which put the world on alert that the U.S. would use military force to defend its interests in the Persian Gulf. Obama, without the nuclear-armed Soviet Union still fighting the Cold War, ended his second term with the disastrous Iran nuke agreement, and with Russia and Iran rampaging through Syria in support of a psychopathic autocrat.
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Note to Readers

My postings going forward will be sporadic due to my working full time nights at a gas station. By the time I get home I’m pretty tired, as any 68 year old man would be. I promised my wife I’d always provide for her. As long as I can walk, I intend to keep that promise.

The Messiah is back:
Obama Snaps At Young Rally Attendees: ‘I’m Talking To You! You! Pay Attention!’

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The Scandal-Filled Years of BHO

Barack Obama has the audacity to say his administration was scandal-free. Really? REALLY?! Jon Miller delivers a takedown for the ages.

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Barry’s Ode to Himself

Obama Foundation Deal With Chicago Calls For $10 Fee On 99-Year Lease

One last hurrah for Rahm.
The foundation behind the planned Obama Presidential Center in Chicago has a tentative agreement with the city to pay just $10 to use 19.3 acres of city park space for 99 years, according to a report.
The accord is described in legislation that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration will send to the City Council on Thursday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Continue reading

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He Still Sickens Me

Obama demonizing Trump and Republican voters coast to coast

“So we made progress, but — and this is the truth — my administration couldn’t reverse forty-year trends in only eight years, especially once Republicans took over the House of Representatives in and decided to block everything we did, even things they used to support.”

In Ohio, doing some campaign stumping for Richard Cordray (former Obama administration’s Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) running for Governor of Ohio and his female running mate, Obama reverted to mocking Republicans for “being mad”, even those in office who won their elections. They don’t seem happy, he said.

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Sycophants Forever

Media Can Hardly Contain Excitement Over Obama’s Return

Former President Barack Obama broke his months-long silence last week and gave a “clobbering” rebuke of his successor President Donald Trump. Cable news anchors could hardly contain their excitement.

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The Thrill Is Gone

Fading star power of Obama draws only 750 people for kickoff rally of his election campaigning

Gone are the heady days when Barack Obama could fill a stadium with his followers. Like a former sitcom star now doing dinner theater performances, he is self-relegated to lesser venues and smaller crowds. On Saturday, at what Think Progress (house organ of the left-wing Center for American Progress) called “his first campaign stop of the midterm elections,” only 750 people (T.P.’s estimate) turned out at the Anaheim Convention Center to partake of the Barack experience.

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What Almost Was

When Barackbygodobamaallpraisehisname ascended to his throne, carried on the shoulders of the media to whom he was almighty and cheered by socialists, communists, layabouts, racial grievance clubs, and folks looking for something for nothing, he boasted he would “fundamentally transform” America. Among his other bleatings, he repeatedly extolled the virtues of Islam while slandering Christianity.

The Democrat presidential candidate in 2016 to replace him seemed to be in sympatico.

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Obama’s Lasting Threat

America Will Be Dealing With Rot of Obama’s Judicial Legacy for a Long Time to Come
Out of sheer boredom, I decided to go down to the second floor early and could hear the judge bellowing at the newly sworn-in Americans through the closed door. A few other friends and family of new citizens had the same idea and we compared notes on the possible identity of the loudmouth judge. “It is Judge LaShann DeArcy,” someone said. Her full name is LaShann Moutique DeArcy Hall. She is an Obama appointee, naturally, and she is astonishingly obnoxious. Talk about an entitled judicial activist, whose ego is as expansive as her name.

Sounding like a Democratic Party ward boss, she urged the new citizens to vote as soon as humanly possible. She made voting sound like a tremulous act of self-defense against the country they had just joined. Then she started in on some ludicrous riff about the First Amendment, encouraging the new Americans to exercise that right as robustly as possible, including by “taking a knee.”

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