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Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go.

No one benefits from her latest venture back onto the political scene.

The Clintons, it seems, can’t seem to call it quits, even if it means leaving members of their own party cringing and many more voters ready to “headdesk” themselves into a coma. Continue reading


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What If Hillary Had Won?

Rush Limbaugh: Just based on the last two weeks and the Kavanaugh hearings — the Democrat Party today, as constituted, deserves to lose in the biggest landslide in the history of landslides. The Democrat Party deserves to get bopped for the tactics they have engaged in, for the actions taken by their lunatic and paid supporters.

Imagine What America Would Look Like If Hillary Had Won

“This is the most important election of our lives! That’s right.” It’s not. This is not the most important election of our lives; 2016 was. If Hillary had won in 2016… That’s what we need to focus on. That’s the kind of stuff we need to ask people to consider. Continue reading

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A Smile from Branco

The Clintons are off on a lecture tour charging $750 a plate. The first thing Bubba asks a girl is, “How old are you?”

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They Still Love Her

CBS Prime-Time Shows Honor Hillary

Hillary Clinton isn’t president, but Hollywood is offering the biggest consolation prize it has: working her into TV plots where she can be toasted as wise and wonderful. Within the first two weeks of the fall season, CBS has done this twice. Continue reading

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‘She was an adult at the time’

This sociopath actually believes all the lies she’s told defending the miserable rapist she married.

Hillary Clinton says her husband’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, 22, was NOT an abuse of power and he was right not to resign.

Hillary also said she believed Bill was right not to resign as President in the wake of the scandal, then went on to question where the investigation was into President Trump’s allegations of sexual misconduct. Continue reading


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That Could Hurt Her Feelings

If she had any.

Trump Responds to Clinton’s Criticism of Kavanaugh Event: ‘I Guess That’s Why She Lost. She Doesn’t Get It, She Never Did’

“What was done last night in the White House was a political rally. It further undermined the image and integrity of the court,” Clinton said. “And that troubles me greatly. It saddens me because our judicial system has been viewed as one of the main pillars of our constitutional government.”

“I guess that’s why she lost. She doesn’t get it; she never did,” Trump responded. “I knew that a long time ago. Hillary never got it. That’s why she lost.”

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I Told You

Hillary Clinton: Democrats Won’t Be Civil to Republicans Until We Take Over

CtH: At which point they will again tell us to sit in the back and shut up while they, the “grownups” allegedly fix everything we allegedly broke.

The left is infested with a mob mentality. Take things by intimidation and force. Give no quarter. Use any means necessary to achieve power. Continue reading

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She’s Never Going Away

Hillary: Accusations Against Bill Were Nothing Like Those Against Kavanaugh

Hillary Clinton is firmly rejecting the idea that accusations against her husband are anything like the sexual misconduct allegations against new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh or President Donald Trump. Continue reading

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They Need the Money

The Arkansas grifters have scooped up hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars for doing nothing but talk crap. Their money laundering operation dried up when she lost to Trump and and these psychopaths can never hoard enough money to be satisfied. So here they are to fleece the liberals again.

GET YOUR TICKETS: Bill & Hillary Clinton Launch A National ‘Stadium Tour’

Tickets go on sale Friday, October 12, but they aren’t cheap. If you want to see the Clintons’ ‘joint speaking tour” at the Park Theater in Las Vegas, for example, the cheapest seats will run you just a little over $70 each. Where the pair are more in demand, like Boston, seats start at $120 and can cost as much as $745.50.

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When Two Old Hags Meet

Hillary Clinton Crashes The Anti-Trump ‘Murphy Brown’ Premiere
The original run of Murphy Brown had no shortage of big-name guest stars.
Murphy delivered with Hillary Clinton making a cameo, to the roaring thrill of the sitcom’s studio audience. More, with the episode charged with such an electrifying anger—directed particularly at President Trump—the cameo was likely gratifying to viewers, and perhaps, given that sentiment, it was a bit surprising and amusing that Clinton would participate.

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