Disenfranchising the military

Some states have missed the deadline for getting absentee ballots to our warriors. Isn’t that grand? They risk life and limb to protect us, but at least some people don’t give a toot if they get to VOTE for the people who decide when and whether we go to war!

I won’t hold my breath waiting for Obama Democrats to lift a finger. Dems claim to care about everybody getting their right to vote, but the fact is, they only ACT on behalf of demographics that tend to vote Democrat. The majority of the military votes Republican, which is not surprising, since Democrats openly despise them and regularly cut funding to score more bucks for their own pet demographics.

I’m sure the Left will say it’s self-serving for Romney to actually DO something about the military getting their ballots on time. But it just makes me more happy that I voted for him. MY absentee ballot is already on its way to the election office.

For those of you who are voting in person … you’ve got EIGHTEEN DAYS! Do. Not. Forget.

Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting

Romney campaign sues to extend military voting


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2 responses to “Disenfranchising the military

  1. Pistol Pete

    This is part of the democrat plan every election cycle.They try to hinder the military vote since most soldiers are conservative and love their country enough to back it up.Recall how desperately Fat Al tried to disqualify miltary votes in Florida 2000.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Florida 2000 … yes, while demanding every military vote be thrown out if it did not meet the most rigorous of technical legalities (including if a military member had sent the ballot to his mom and had her post or hand deliver it to make SURE it got there), Gorebull simultaneously demanded that every technically illegal vote (hanging chads, multiple marks) for him be counted based on some “mind reading” ability of the electoral committee. That sets my hair ablaze every time I think about it.