What’s wrong with Socialism? What isn’t?

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“Only a liberal would be stupid enough to believe a man who spends $4,000,000 on a vacation actually gives a damn about the middle class.”

Capitalism vs Socialism for Dummies

Ben Stein on ObamaCare

Churchill on Socialism

Common sense

Milton Friedman shows why he is unsurpassed in modern times in defending liberty. He cheerfully decapitates liberal ideas about government-controlled economy, over a wide range of examples.

Milton Friedman on Donahue 1979 (1/5) [10:34]

Among points discussed: Should the people in this company bail out failed companies? Should the government regulate things like car emissions? What’s the best way to do it? “What bothers you about Ralph Nader?” “I think he’s wrong.”

Milton Friedman on Donahue 1979 (2/5) [10:18]

Why government safety regulations make cars less safe.

Milton Friedman on Donahue 1979 (3/5) [9:28]

History lessons that squash liberal lies.

Milton Friedman on Donahue 1979 (4/5) [9:58]

Oooh, how horrible it is that successful businesses succeed. Or so says Phil.

Milton Friedman on Donahue 1979 (5/5) [6:51]

How minimum wage damages job market.


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