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Why the Stock Market Crashed

During the entire 8 years of the Obama reign of terror, the Federal Reserve never raised the interest rate above 0%. Not once. That was thanks to Barry’s hand picked chairman, Janet Yellen. After Trump was inaugurated they started raising rates 1/4 point every quarter. A clear attempt to screw him over.
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American steel is back

Scott Poyner prepares the front yard of his lifelong Granite City, Illinois, home. “I wish I was off work tomorrow so I could sit here and take a picture of the President rolling in front of my house,” he said.

2018_07 25 Trump motorcade route

“Hiding in plain sight in a suburb of St. Louis is one of the great success stories of President Donald J. Trump’s tough trade policies. This is the rebirth of the Granite City steelworks, idled in 2015 — along with about 2,000 steelworkers — under a drowning flood of subsidized foreign imports.” –National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro Continue reading

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Controlling the Fed

Trump Will – and Should – Take Control of the Fed

For the entire 8 years of the Obama tyranny the fed never raised interest rates from 0%. Not once. They also dumped trillions of taxpayer dollars onto the stock market during the scam known as Quantitative Easing,or QE I,II and III. That was to cover the losses of big banks from bad loans and to make sure the market didn’t tank under the reign of a fraud who didn’t know thing one about economics.

Since Trump was elected they’ve raised rates every quarter, in a blatant attempt to put a damper on the roaring economic engine a real businessman has stimulated through tax cuts and the easing of the regulatory burden that retarded economic growth.

The Federal Reserve is no doubt a very valuable institution. But there are seven Articles and 27 Amendments to the Constitution. Not one of them mentions anything about an unelected body called the Federal Reserve.


Here’s some video of Milton Friedman discussing how the Fed caused the Depression. Continue reading

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The Trump Economy

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sØ grateful the Ø-conomy is nØ mØre

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This smug, pompous Ø-pinion didn’t age well!  Twitchy Team said, “We know, his voice makes our left eye twitch uncontrollably but hey, it’s one of his greatest hits.”

Øbama said Trump had no plan for bringing jobs back, that there was no answer to the problem, that it JUST COULDN’T HAPPEN.

Guess what, DemØcrats. TAX CUTS WORK. Continue reading

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What the Media Won’t Tell You

Trump Tax Cuts Lead To Largest Ever Monthly Budget Surplus

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the April surplus will total $218 billion, breaking the prior record of nearly $190 billion notched in April 2001. Continue reading

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A Steep Hill to Climb

The pile of links just keeps a-gettin’ higher. I may have to break this into two different posts. That’s okay, DW isn’t around and there’s nothing on my busy social calendar today. Lucky you.

Worshippers Filled U.S. Capitol to Mark National Day of Prayer
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Bits & Bytes

Here I am catching up AGAIN after being sick AGAIN. I tell ya … I take a few days off to be sick and my kitchen and my email both get totally out of control! Okay, so it was more like a week. But still.

2017_04 08 Red Line toon

SYRIA: It took a Republican president to actually enforce the previous Democrat president’s “red line.”

BREAKING: The Justice Department’s Inspector General has sent a criminal referral to the US Attorney’s office in Washington regarding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s lack of candor about a Wall Street Journal article concerning the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation.

JOBS: The Department of Labor reports that jobless claims fell to 232,000 this month, marking a 45-year low.

TRUMP POLL: A new survey finds white evangelical support of Trump is at an all-time high of 75 percent.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The conservative video blogging duo Diamond and Silk are slated to come to Capitol Hill on April 26 to discuss Facebook’s alleged censorship of their social media content.

PROJECT VERITAS: James O’Keefe says his next undercover investigation will be released in two weeks.

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Bits & Bytes

2018_04 05 WH in bloom

JOB GAINS: Since Trump took office, unemployment has declined in every major demographic group, but the greatest drop has been for Americans with disabilities, a demographic that typically has a higher jobless rate than the average citizen.

CATCH AND RELEASE: President Donald J. Trump has signed a Presidential Memorandum that takes important steps to end “catch and release,” a dangerous practice whereby those who have violated our Nation’s immigration laws are released into the United States shortly after their apprehension.

EX-FEMINIST: A feminist comes to terms with the Men’s Rights movement: “We have to stop expecting to be offended.” This is an amazing talk and WELL WORTH YOUR TIME! My favorite line: “No one will ever listen to you more than someone who transcribes your words. You should write that down.”

FACEBOOK CEO:  Zuckerburg talks about Facebook “as if he’s running a kindly charity – his customers are ‘the community’, and all he does is ‘connect’ them, a word that means harvesting your personal information as Planned Parenthood harvests your body parts. Streamlining traditional business models by discreetly transforming the customer into the product has proved infinitely more lucrative than making widgets.”

PRAGER U: As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

PRAGER U: Alejandro Chafuen of The Acton Institute conducted a study of think tank and other organizations that promote a free economy on such popular social-media platforms as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. He found PragerU the undisputed leader in short educational videos with over 340 million views on YouTube.

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Bits & Bytes

I’ve been out of commission for quite a while, but I’m feeling somewhat better now and trying to get caught up. My email has a ginormous backlog, what with all the stuff I subscribe to and the multitudinous pictures from recent family celebrations.

The Buzzers got to spend Easter with their Texas cousins. Mama Buzz said the kids were super good travelers and they all had a wonderful vacation!

2018_03 27 A&A on plane

Most of the e-subscription stuff is just going into the trash, cuz I can’t deal with it all. But some is kinda interesting, so here’s a sampling.

TRUMP ECONOMY: The U.S. unemployment rate in February marked a 17-year low. The number of Americans rating the economy good to excellent has hit an 18-year high. Average job growth numbers in 2018 are the strongest since 1997. Since January 2017, more than 2.5 million jobs have been added to the economy.

CUTTING SPENDING: White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said White House officials and Congressional Republicans are putting together legislation to rescind spending from the $1.3 trillion omnibus budget they recently passed. A rescission bill could not be filibustered by Senate Democrats.

DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY: President Donald J. Trump announced Tuesday that he will deploy U.S. troops to reinforce the Mexican border. Democrats acted like he had set a cross ablaze on someone’s lawn. But in 2010, President Obama deployed 1,200 National Guard troops and requested an extra $500 million to secure the Mexican border. One of my military kids who has served down there voiced disgust at the liberal head explosions. “We’ve had troops on the border for ages!”

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY WIN: Air Force Col. Leland Bohannon was on the verge of being promoted to a one-star general when he was suspended from command in 2017 for refusing to publicly affirm the same-sex spouse of a retiring subordinate. Thankfully, the Air Force has reversed its decision to punish this highly-decorated and respected officer.

ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY: In 2016, after a young Muslim jihadist shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando, the Left Stream Media blamed it on Christians and Republicans, who allegedly have fostered such a climate of anti-gay hatred that this poor little Muslim jihadist could not help himself. But during the trial, it became clear that it was a terrorist attack, pure and simple. The shooter had originally intended to shoot up the Disney Springs shopping and entertainment complex and had switched to the gay nightclub randomly less than an hour before the attack. It is not clear he even knew it was a gay bar. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Left to apologize to the millions of Americans they slandered unjustly.

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