sØ grateful the Ø-conomy is nØ mØre

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This smug, pompous Ø-pinion didn’t age well!  Twitchy Team said, “We know, his voice makes our left eye twitch uncontrollably but hey, it’s one of his greatest hits.”

Øbama said Trump had no plan for bringing jobs back, that there was no answer to the problem, that it JUST COULDN’T HAPPEN.

Guess what, DemØcrats. TAX CUTS WORK.

TRUMP ECONOMY: Each year, the IMD Competitiveness Center in Switzerland ranks countries by 256 different variables to come up with its global competitiveness rankings. This year, the U.S. jumped THREE PLACES to take over the top spot.

2018_06 Rock bottom

TRUMP ECONOMY: A pair of new annual surveys by the Federal Reserve show that households are feeling more stable and that small businesses are making money and many expect to expand and hire in the coming year.

2018_06 Obama v Trump Economy

REMEMBER what Nancy PelØsi PROMISED Democrats will do if they take back control of the House and Senate!

2018_04 04 Pelosi promises to raise taxes

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