Empty Chair, Empty Podium

Tweet from WH Press Corps: No sign of Jay Carney – now 53 minutes late for his presser

  • Tweet – Oh where, oh where has our little Jay gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?
  • Tweet – Carney needed his Maylox/Pepto/Midol cocktail
  • Tweet – Crying in the hallways of the White House.
  • Tweet – Puking up breakfast on the Oval Office rug.
  • Tweet – Hiding under his desk with office door locked and binky in his mouth.
  • Tweet – Has anyone checked under the podium?

2013_05 16 Malkin - Empty Podium ripe for photoshop

Every superhero has to have a sidekick. Captain Zero has Clown Carney.

2013_05 16 Clown Carney and Captain Zero

The post-scandal hamster will now answer all your questions

2013_05 16 The post-scandal hamster to answer all your questions



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I don’t know why but that hamster just cracks me up!