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Benghazi Update

On September 11, 2012, Islamic militants attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans died.

  • VIDEO LIE = On September 14, 2012, then-White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “We have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. The unrest we’ve seen around the region has been in reaction to a video that Muslims, many Muslims find offensive.”
  • VIDEO LIE = On September 15, 2012, the Benghazi families report that President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other Obama officials told them, to their faces, as they stood next to their sons’ caskets, that the attack had been due to a protest over an anti-Muslim YouTube video.
  • VIDEO LIE = On September 16, 2012, then-U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice appeared on five major interview shows to discuss the attacks. She blamed the video.
  • VIDEO LIE = On September 18, 2012, then-Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “We saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a pre-planned or premeditated attack. … We saw evidence that it was sparked by the reaction to this video. And that is what we know thus far based on the evidence, concrete evidence.”
  • VIDEO LIE = On September 20, 2012, President Obama said, “What we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm U.S. interests.”
  • VIDEO LIE = On September 25, 2012, President Obama spoke before the United Nations General Assembly and again condemned the video.

Testimony before Congress and emails obtained through FOIA show that President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton absolutely knew … from the get-go … that Benghazi was a pre-planned terror attack and that they actively pimped the video lie to save Obama’s re-election campaign.

Now, to add insult to injury, Hillary Clinton is denying that she ever told the video lie to the Benghazi families.

Dec 6, 2015: Hillary Clinton: I Didn’t Lie to Benghazi Families – ABC This Week

In response, Tyrone Woods’ dad showed the diary entry he wrote that day, an account that has been affirmed by three other relatives who were present at the meeting.

2012_10 15 Benghazi families protest

Sean Smith’s mother says it’s Hillary who is lying and that it wasn’t just Clinton, but also President Obama, Vice President Biden, Ambassador Rice, and then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta who told her the attack had been sparked by an anti-Muslim video.

“I went up to all of them, begging them to tell me what happened, and they all said that it was the video — every one of them.”

January 13, 2016: Family Members of Benghazi Victims React to ’13 Hours’ Film – The Kelly File



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Obama did not have healthcare relations with that man Gruber

OBAMA At no time

In Brisbane Australia, President Obama clumsily told Fox News’ Ed Henry that he ‘just heard about’ the controversy over Jonathan Gruber whom he described as ‘some adviser who never worked on our staff.’


  • Apparently, he doesn’t talk with his press secretary, who answered questions about Gruber earlier this week.
  • So the White House paid “some adviser who never worked on our staff” $400,000 a year for what, exactly?
  • “I just heard about this” Obama. IRS targeting conservatives, DOJ spying on journalists, Gruber, Veterans Affairs scandal, Fast and Furious.
  • Ok, *now* it’s an official Obama scandal.
  • “Some adviser” Gruber visited White House officials 19 times; on July 20, 2009, with Obama in person.
  • Sergeant Schultz, “I know nothing.”

Top Obama adviser, David Axelrod, has chosen the Monty Python spin

2014_11 16 Axelrod calls Gruber stupid



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Their concerted efforts to ignore facts

2014_09 09 NYT Bagdad bureau chief on Obama's Iraq policy

Jay Carney left TIME to perform as Obama’s personal liar.  Now he’s left the White Hut for a gig at CNN.  Tweeters reported that his first outing — interviewing John McCain about ISIS — didn’t go well at all.  My favorite tweet: “ISIS may not be JV, but Jay Carney certainly looked like it during that debate with McCain.”  I kind of cleaned up and organized McCain’s remarks, because the substance of what he said was really worth reading.

Facts are stubborn things. The Iraq War was won thanks to the Surge. The victory was there. All we needed was a force behind to provide support – not to engage in combat – but to supply support, logistics, intelligence. After the Korean War, we left troops behind. After Bosnia, we left troops behind. Not to fight but be a stabilizing force.

All of Obama’s military advisers told him we needed to leave a residual force in Iraq. Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman and I, we were in Baghdad. They wanted a residual force.

Obama refused and bragged about pulling all our troops out. But removing out troops is the reason we’re facing ISIS today.

President Obama says we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland. But on the day he left our prison in Iraq, Mr. Baghdadi [head of ISIS] said, “See you in New York.” ISIS is urging attacks on the United States on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, we had a hearing and there was testimony from the counterterrorism people and the Department of Homeland Security. There is a great concern that both our southern and northern borders are porous and that they will be coming across.

So is there a specific, direct threat? No, but is there any doubt to what their goal is?

– John McCain (Sept 10, 2014)


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Obama’s playfully earnest PR clowns

2014_06 Jay Carney BHO's old Press Sec

Asked whether he had ever lied to the media, Jay Carney stated, “The answer is no.” That, of course, was a lie. Here are just a few of Carney’s biggest lies:

  • In April, an email from deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes dated September 14, 2012, emerged in which Rhodes explicitly stated that then-UN ambassador Susan Rice should say the “protests are rooted in an Internet video.”  Carney said the email was not about Benghazi.
  • In mid-May 2014, the American Legion called the resignation of top VA health official Dr. Robert Petzel “a continuation of business as usual [because] Dr. Petzel was already scheduled to retire this year.”  Carney said the American Legion had praised VA for making Petzel retire.
  • As late as October of 2013, Carney stated (again), “The fact of the matter is, if you had insurance on the individual market prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and you have that plan today, you can keep it, you’re grandfathered in forever. No matter how crummy the plan is.”  After Politifact named this the 2013 Lie of the Year, Carney said no one had ever seriously made that claim.

2014_06 Josh Earnest BHO's new Press Sec


7 Top Lies of Jay Carney – June 20, 2014

Obama, Translated: Whenever the president talks about himself, flip it so he’s saying the opposite.
By Jonah Goldberg – July 12, 2014

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Posted by Pistol Pete

My hair is still smouldering over the bullshit that was perpetrtated right before our very eyes. From the accounts I’ve read this morning the real Americans are smart enough to see exactly what happened. The frustrating thing is there is nothing we can do about it. He’s completely oblivious to criticism. When he was first swept into office on a tsunami of hot air he promised his hard left worshippers he’d close Gitmo. It is now apparent he never intended to try any of his brothers,just trade them for hostages… or deserters as the case may be.

When I think of true warriors who lost their lives searching for a moonbat who walked off base out of uniform and unarmed,hoping to join the Taliban”freedom fighters,” I just wanna break something….or kick my dog through a hedge…if I had a dog.

Wanna get even more pissed than you already are?

Check this out:





I waited tables in college and this is a real sore spot with me.



Andrea Mitchelll, a millionaire who married a corpse who used to be chairman of the Federal reserve,shows the unmitigated gall of possibly,maybe questioning the Messiah’s motives. The left pounced on her like the wild curs they are.

F$#k You B@#%$’

NBC Anchor Slammed By Rabid Obama Supporters for Hinting at Opportunistic Photo Op With POW Dad

NBC correspondent and anchorette Andrea Mitchell was attacked as harshly as possible by leftists angry that she would dare insinuate



This shoulder kiss would be awkward outside DC.


I’d rather not.





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Yes, Virginia. Journalism in America really is dead.

Catherine Anaya of KPHO-TV in Phoenix has come out on record to state Jay Carney admitted to her he receives press questions BEFORE the daily White House briefings.  Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, is already pushing a denial out there, but there is no reason for a local news reporter to make this up. White House press events are nothing more than orchestrated love fests.

Whether or not every media outlet is involved in the scandal is not yet known, and likely never will be, but Anaya’s claims confirm what so many of us have long thought. I.e., the Lamestream Media has been lap-dogging, not watch-dogging this administration.

Let me be clear


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The Clown Show Continues

A year ago, President Obama’s uncle Onyango “Omar” Obama was arrested in Massachusetts for drunk driving. When asked for comment, the White House insisted that the President had never met the man. This week, “Uncle Omar” testified under oath at his deportation hearing that his famous nephew had actually lived with him for a while.

Oh, you meant the Uncle Omar who has been in the United States illegally since 1963! Well, shoot. Sure the Prezzy knows HIM. Or, as the official statement goes:

“The President did stay with him for a brief period of time until his apartment was ready. After that, they saw each other once every few months, but after law school they fell out of touch. The President has not seen him in 20 years, has not spoken with him in 10.”

So let’s see … when he needed a place to crash, Uncle Omar was his pal, but once he got into politics where an illegal drunk driving relative would be a liability, he has never met the man.

Yup. That’s Barack Obama.

The high-larious PR spin Jay Carney put on this was … see, when we were first asked if the president knew Omar, we looked in his book and didn’t see any mention of him having met the man, so naturally we told the press there was “no record” that Barack had ever had relations with this relation.

But now, of course, there is a record … a court record … so naturally we are now saying we were wrong then, but it was totes our mistake, nothing whatsoever to do with the Boss, cuz you know, we just never thought to just ASK him, “Have you ever met your Uncle Omar?”

Send in the clowns.

Jay Carney Says No One Ever Asked President Obama if He’d Met Uncle Omar Until Now [1:48]


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Good Intentions vs Good Results

Good intentions vs Good results

“Delay” is only a terrible idea when Republicans want it.

A few weeks ago, the White House and Senate Democrats flatly refused a Republican emergency spending bill that would have kept the government open but delayed ObamaCare’s requirement that individuals purchase health insurance by March 31 or face a fine. Reid said Republicans had “lost their minds.”

But now with having been such a Big Fat Failure, people are facing a fine for being UNABLE to sign up. This includes tens of thousands of Americans who HAD INSURANCE … until Obamacare’s ridiculously expensive regulations forced the companies to cancel their coverage. Suddenly, Democrats are warming up to the idea that “delay” might not be a sign of tinfoilhatitis, but rather a smashing good idea that is Good For America. Or something.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked if the administration is looking for flexibility in applying the mandate. Carney indicated that a delay was not just possible, but that it may already be allowed by the law. Right. That would be the “wiggle room” clause Obambi ALREADY used to give his union buds a delay he was not willing to give to Republican voters and Tea Party whack jobs. Cuz, you know … Obama is not the President of all of us. He’s just the President of his fan club.

A new ABC/WaPo poll finds 54 percent of respondents believe the problems plaguing ObamaCare’s Web site reflect a larger problem with President Obama’s signature entitlement program.

IMHO, that number is not 89% only because the MSM has got its head up so far up Obama’s bum.

President Obama’s announced a “tech surge” to repair the ObamaCare Web site.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart commented, “Your website is so f***ed we have use the same strategy that we used to salvage the Iraq war?”

WaPo reported: “Days before the launch of President Obama’s online health ­insurance marketplace, government officials and contractors tested a key part of the Web site to see whether it could handle tens of thousands of consumers at the same time. It crashed after a simulation in which just a few hundred people tried to log on simultaneously. Despite the failed test, federal health officials plowed ahead.” Also, “anonymous developers” told the wire service that they raised doubts over whether the site would be ready in time, complaining openly to each other about “unrealistic deadlines.”

Oh my aching sides! This was a government contract … anonymous and unrealistic, my Aunt Fanny. “Politically protected” is more like it. Probably because the Losers who were given the Half A Billion Dollar contract YEARS ago (a contract which they subbed out to India for an unknown, but no doubt much lower sum) were the idiot nephews of some major Democrat Donors whose mothers were desperate to get them the hell out of their basement Bat Caves and thought that surely they could write a silly little web program, seeing as all they ever did was play on their computers anyway and didn’t they take a computer class in college … or something?

2013_10 22 Healthcare dot gov flaw by Terrell


My Fox News First email update

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Interleaving Benghazi and Syria timelines

2012-2013: I thought it might be interesting to interleave key points in these two story lines.

MAP Libya Syria

  • SYRIA July 23, 2012: Syria admits to possessing a stockpile of chemical weapons.
  • SYRIA July 23, 2012: Obama says that the Assad regime will be “held accountable” if it uses chemical weapons.
  • SYRIA Aug. 11, 2012: SecState Clinton says the use of chemical weapons is “a red line for the world.”
  • SYRIA Aug. 20, 2012: Obama says the use or movement of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would be “a red line.”

Bush told us WMDs went to Syria

  • LIBYA Sept. 11, 2011: Obama refuses military rescue to Benghazi, Libya, embassy; 4 Americans among those murdered.
  • LIBYA Sept. 12 ff, 2011: Obama et al. insist Benghazi was not a “terrorist attack” but a “spontaneous demonstration” against an offensive-to-Muslims YouTube video that “got out of hand.”
  • LIBYA Sept. 20, 2012: Obama repeats video line on the same day his own PR guy says it was obviously a terrorist attack.

2012_09 20 Conflicting statements from WH

  • SYRIA Dec. 3, 2012: Obama says if Assad uses CWs, “There will be consequences, and you will be held accountable.” SecState Clinton says the U.S. is “planning to take action” if Assad’s regime uses CWs.
  • LIBYA Dec. 18, 2012: Benghazi report by independent panel blames “systemic” failures in leadership that led to “grossly” inadequate security at Benghazi.
  • LIBYA Dec. 20, 2012: The State Department “disciplines” four officials in the department by giving them all extended paid vacations.
  • LIBYA Jan. 23, 2013: Congress questions SecState Clinton about Benghazi. Clinton shrieks, “What difference does it make?”

What difference does it make

  • SYRIA March 19, 2013: Reports out of Syria say CWs killed more than two dozen in a town near Aleppo. Assad says the rebels did it; the rebels say Assad did it.
  • SYRIA March 20, 2013: Obama says they’ll look into it, but he’s sure it was Assad’s fault.
  • SYRIA April 25, 2013: The White House says that the intelligence community assesses “with varying degrees of confidence” that Assad did it. Obama tells Congress he wants money to arm Syrian rebels.

  • LIBYA May 2013: Testimony and evidence emerge showing the Benghazi consulate reported at the beginning that they were under assault by terrorists and that they had repeatedly asked for and not only been denied extra security, but had security removed in the weeks prior to the attack. The memos were signed by SecState Clinton.
  • LIBYA July 31, 2013: The White House says the controversy over Benghazi is a “phony” scandal.
  • LIBYA Aug. 2013: Evidence emerges that the CIA had a facility in Benghazi from which it was illegally arming militants, that hundreds of SAMs were stolen by terrorists during the attack and that the CIA had been threatening its own people ever since to keep it all quiet.
  • LIBYA Aug. 20, 2013: SecState Kerry clears and reinstates four State Dept officials who had been on “administrative leave” (read: paid vacation) for nine months.

Benghazi shh

  • SYRIA Aug. 21, 2013: Reports come out of Syria that a chemical attack took place, killing as many 1,400 people. Assad says the rebels did it; the rebels say Assad did it.
  • SYRIA Aug. 31, 2013: Obama backs off from his announced intention to unilaterally order a military strike against Assad, says he’ll ask Congress for permission, even though he is really sure he doesn’t need it.
  • LIBYA Sept. 10, 2013: SecState Kerry tells Congress he will not make Benghazi survivors available for questioning.
  • LIBYA: Sept. 11, 2013: WH observes one minute of silence for 9/11/01 victims. WH does not mention previous 525,949 minutes of lies and evasion re 9/11/12 victims.

2013_09 11 Two years later, no justice

  • SYRIA Sept 12, 2013
    • Assad accepts a Russian proposal to give up all its chemical weapons.
    • Assad and Putin reiterate the CW attacks were done by rebels to give Obama an excuse to give them military support.
    • Obama asks Congress to delay votes on authorizing military strikes against Assad.
    • Syrian rebels claim Assad used CWs again. They post a video of three guys coughing as “proof.”



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Empty Chair, Empty Podium

Tweet from WH Press Corps: No sign of Jay Carney – now 53 minutes late for his presser

  • Tweet – Oh where, oh where has our little Jay gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?
  • Tweet – Carney needed his Maylox/Pepto/Midol cocktail
  • Tweet – Crying in the hallways of the White House.
  • Tweet – Puking up breakfast on the Oval Office rug.
  • Tweet – Hiding under his desk with office door locked and binky in his mouth.
  • Tweet – Has anyone checked under the podium?

2013_05 16 Malkin - Empty Podium ripe for photoshop

Every superhero has to have a sidekick. Captain Zero has Clown Carney.

2013_05 16 Clown Carney and Captain Zero

The post-scandal hamster will now answer all your questions

2013_05 16 The post-scandal hamster to answer all your questions


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