SCRABBLE Happy Dance!

2014_07 15 Triple Triple BINGO for 140 pts


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  1. I had to really sit down and take off my socks to see how you got to 140. 50 for using all tiles leaves 90, meaning triple word scores are cumulative? (10 * 3) * 3 = 90? If we ever did that in my yoot, I don’t remember, but we probably just counted (10 * 3) + (10 * 3) = 60. Ah, my misspent yoot.

    I was firstmost impressed that there appeared to have been two instances of all seven tiles being played, until I figured someone just stuck an AR in front of MATURE, right?

    You almost get my poor, old, atrophied game brain cells chugging again. Said brain needs an oil change and new tires, at minimum, but it used to run okay except for chess, where it would always run off the road in the fifth inning.

    Ever played JOTTO? All my best memories of my siblings are about playing JOTTO.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard of JOTTO. But I’m so with you on chess. My brain was never made for that.


  2. Actually, ARMATURE was also a bingo. The E was already there, on the TWS square, so when I added ARMATUR in front of it, it was a bingo and a triple word score, but alas, not a triple-triple.

    I did manage to make a triple-triple in a different game today, however. I know you’re just dying to see it, so here it is:


    • cth: “Actually, ARMATURE was also a bingo”

      And also yours? Okay, then, going back to being impressed.

      When I think about it, I realize when I was playing Scrabble, and our favorite word game Jotto, I was playing against siblings 3, 6, and 9 years older than I. Vocabulary, and spelling, were important to me early on!

      One thing I notice with your online Scrabble is automated scorekeeping. I’ve attempted to write an online Jotto game (long ago, there’s probably one online now), partly to play online, of course, but mostly because it’s too easy to give a wrong letter-match count on a word and not realize it until you’re several rounds farther along and the game is spoiled.

      I actually was working on a whole suite of games, including Real Chinese Checkers (lots of triangles math in that one), which could be played online and have a common chat interface. The game stuff I nailed pretty well. It was the online commuications protocols I never mastered. Frustrating, because I had to hand-build in my 1990s software what is built-in to modern (Net age) programming software. And now, I’m so old and out of the loops, I’ll probably never upgrade, get that deeply into programming again, and so will never get to play Real Chinese Checkers over the Net. Just sit here moving my virtual marbles around by myself until I lose them…


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I googled and there’s definitely JOTTO and Chinese Checkers online now, including at Facebook. If you want to play either/both with me, MW, I’m game. 🙂