Exactly 365 days from today I will officially be a senior citizen.
I will be :

Old enough for Medicare.Yes,that wonderful government program most Americans of my age end up in,where you can wade knee-deep in government bureaucracy for everything from eye drops to an artificial hip.

Old enough to appreciate that as my time grows short each day is a gift from God

Old enough to remember when a family had two parents,one car,one television with three channels and one telephone.

Old enough to know there was a time when you had a problem with a kid at school you waited until after school and went to the playground,took a couple swings at each other,then went and played.

Old enough to remember that aside from your house and your car you paid cash for everything.There were no credit cards.

Old enough to know at one time unless you were very old,very young or infirm you had to work to eat.Welfare carried a stigma.

Old enough to remember when the senior citizen vote was coveted because they voted in larger numbers than most demographics.That was before electronic voting,where thousands of precincts tally hundreds more ballots than they have registered voters.This is strictly the domain of democrats and nothing is ever done to change they count on super majorities of blacks,Hispanics and other special interest groups to stay in power.

Old enough to remember when if a schoolgirl got pregnant,the family was shamed into taking her out of class,not having daycare for 15 year old mothers.

Old enough to regret the four decades I smoked cigarettes and the fact I don’t have as much time as I should have to enjoy these:


Old enough to joke that if my kids are waiting for me to pass so they can inherit all I have,they’ll be sorely disappointed.Every dollar I ever made I spent.Some on liquor and wild women,the rest I just wasted.

And I’m old enough to have loved and lost.And losing sucks.

and old enough to know the number of friends you have makes no difference.I never had more than a handful.But the friends I have,on these boards are as true as any I’ve ever known.The irony of the fact I’ll never meet or hang out with any of them is not lost on me.









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7 responses to “ONE MORE YEAR!!

  1. texan59

    Truth indeed. Happy birthday Pete.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Best wishes for a wonderful day from your “baby” sister [60 last May]. We WILL be having a PoliNations meeting place somewhere in the Kingdom. Count on it. 🙂


  3. And better than ever. Happy ‘nother one, Pete! 😀


  4. Wow, Pete, you are really old! Is that your signature on the Magna Carta? What was it like hunting Mastodon?

    hahaha-huhkk* *cough* *wheeeze* Ow. I think I just sprained my sense of humor. Used to be I could run sixty jokes without breathing hard. Nowadays, I can hardly get off a ribald pun before the author-itis kicks in.

    “…aside from your house and your car you paid cash for everything.” Well, Landers Bros. Grocery did allow a charge account for customers in good standing like my mom, but one paid such things off promptly.

    I was surprised that I watched the whole When I’m Sixty-Four video. The deceptively simple “animation” was actually pretty nice. Fit the silly, simple song well.

    Today is also the birthday of my eldest sibling, and my new daughter-in-law. I don’t know DiL very well yet, but if by the stars you are anything like my brother, well… that explains a lot. 😀

    HBD, PP! God bless you with too many more happy days.


  5. GP

    Sorry I missed your birthday blog PP. I know I have been bad about checking in PN but I can barely keep up on FB with two jobs and trying to finish my book.
    I hope your family reads your posts. I also hope they know how lucky they are to have you as their patriarch. I had a great grandfather who made me laugh as you do. I am so thankful I was lucky enough to have had him in my life.
    I remember a few years back when you going through a rough patch. I am so glad you hung in there.
    Your sense of humor and your love for this country are your birthday gifts to us all.
    Hope to be spending many more years watching you tend the garden.
    Thank you for being YOU!


  6. Ting

    You share a birthday with somebody else I love! A belated Happy one. I loved that saying above “he is so poor that all he has is money.” So true, friend!