“Don’t do stupid sh*t.”

Remember when VP candidate Sarah Palin was ridiculed for allegedly failing to know what the Bush Doctrine was? Of course, loads of experts had differing opinions about the answer to that question, but logic and facts never seem to get in the way of Lefties trashing Righties.

Nor, it seems, do logic and facts get in the way of the current president’s approach to foreign policy. According to White House aides, Barack himself sums up the Obama Doctrine as, “Don’t do stupid sh*t.”

It’s scary and sad that “the smartest president in the history of humanity” can’t come up with anything more profound than a high school cliché upon which to base his administration’s far-reaching decisions.

Though … come to think of it … a high school cliché mentality does seem to be the best description I’ve heard yet for his whole approach to governing.

Even in his first term, Obama refused to go to more than half of his intelligence briefings … and this during a period when we had troops fighting on three fronts. Now that he isn’t facing a re-election campaign again, ever, he’s got even less incentive to do the job properly.

According to the Ulsterman’s inside-the-White-House source, shortly before the Obamas left for their five-star Martha’s Vineyard vacay, President Obama REFUSED to stand still long enough to listen to an update on the dangerous situations in Syria, Iraq and Gaza.

2014_08 09 OBAMA crises in ME don't mean sht to him

Ulsterman’s source said that Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, Tony Blinken, was seen entering Barack Obama’s second-floor study, then following him out and down the hallway, with a Pentagon official in tow.

As the annoyed and petulant president quickened his pace toward the private residence, he was heard telling the two men, “Don’t bother me with this sh*t.”

Words fail me.

Here is a brief report from my Fox News Update email about just one piece of that “sh*t” he can’t be bothered to bother with …

“The U.N. is raising the alarm over “barbaric acts” of sexual violence and “savage rapes” by Islamist militants in northwestern Iraq.

“The U.N. says ISIS has abducted women and children and forced some 1,500 Christians and members of other minority sects into sexual slavery.

“Last month, the U.N. estimated 1.2 million Iraqis have fled their homes in fear for their lives as the Islamists issue ultimatums that they convert to a virulent strain of Islam and adhere to Sharia law or die.

“And it’s not like they’re making it a secret. The members of the Islamist army use social media to publicize their atrocities in order to terrify their subjects and recruit similarly evil-minded men to their cause.”

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And here is another from Sky News …

Some 6,000 to 8,000 refugees have managed to escape to a makeshift camp in Dohuk province, but up to 30,000 still remain on Mount Sinjar in what a British aid worker has told Sky news is a “heartbreaking humanitarian crisis.” Sky’s Sherine Tadros is at the Zakho camp, which has no electricity and just three or four toilets.

“They’ve told us harrowing stories,” she said. “One man has just told us how he saw four children die of thirst. There was nowhere to bury them on the mountain so they just put rocks on their bodies.

“Another man was saying the children were so thirsty, their parents started cutting their own hands and giving them blood to drink.

“And then they make the perilous journey to these areas – sometimes 12 hours. And when they get here the conditions are pretty dire. There is no electricity, no aid agencies – this is just a makeshift camp.”

Refugees in the camp – some of whom have gunshot wounds – are surviving on food and water being brought to them by locals. The international community is starting to take action – but the situation is now unprecedented, according to an aid worker on the ground.

“There is still a big humanitarian crisis going on – what I saw was heartbreaking,” British Kurd Taban Shoresh told Sky News. “We need to do something to rescue those people – 30,000 people trapped on a mountain by IS in fear of extermination. There is no way out – the only way to get to them is by helicopter.”

Video of one helicopter rescue embedded @ http://news.sky.com/story/1317709/parents-giving-thirsty-children-blood-to-drink

  • August 13, 2014: The United Nations said it considered Iraq in general to be at the highest level of humanitarian crisis and the British prime minister, David Cameron, announced that Britain would play a role in helping.
  • August 14, 2014: The Obama Administration issued a statement saying the situation isn’t all that bad, so we won’t be mounting any rescues. The statement attributed this important decision to “the interagency”, a vague bureaucratic term that apparently means somebody other than President Obama, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel or the Army’s Central Command chief, General Lloyd Austin.

Once again, may I just express my thanks to Obama voters for inflicting this self-serving, narcissistic, lazy BASTARD not just on us, but on the entire world. And by thanks, I mean … well, you know what I mean.



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  1. Ting

    Great rant, Chrissy! Too bad you and Pete have so much material from which to choose these days. It is really just breathtaking the speed at which it is all falling apart.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Breathtaking is a good word. Remember when the nation had the leisure to obsess for weeks and weeks and weeks about 18 minute gaps and hanging chads?

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  2. For someone who proclaimed not to “do stupid ****, he’s been more than successful at accomplishing just that. I wish he were simply incompetent and a “stupid ****, but he’s a dangerous, radical Marxist with evil plans. May God continue to have mercy on American, especially since we don’t deserve it.