There have been thousands…nay,tens,hundreds of thousands of words already written about the events in this St. Louis suburb. As long as the liberals can squeeze the last tiny bit of blood out of this stone there will be no end. It happened Saturday,Aug 9. I first heard about it Sunday morning as I delivered my papers. The first thoughts that flashed in my mind were that the looters and anarchists would descend first,given a chance to turn a protest into an opportunity to break,burn and steal without consequence. Soon,I figured,the usual race-hustling pimps would stick their faces in front of the cameras screaming about how the ‘poor black boys’ are systematically victimized. Right on cue,Sharpton and Jackson arrived in their private jets and chauferred limousines. They were joined by the Communist Party Chicago chapter and the New Black Panthers.
Chicago Revolutionary Communists Instigating In #Ferguson
We’ve seen all manner of outside agitators at work seeking to use Ferguson for their own ends. Perhaps the worst of the lot are the Revolutionary Communist Party, who are actively ginning up the violence.

The white man in the middle inciting the crowd with the bull horn is Gregory Lee Johnson, a long term member of the Revolutionary Communist Party. The RCP has “Clubs” in various cities.

In an instant,rumors started flying that 18 year old Michael Brown,a 6’4″,300 lb. hulk was shot in the back while he had his hands up. Officer Darren Wilson was pronounced guilty of murder in the court of public opinion and exhorted by the deceased Bloods street gang members mama to ‘come forward and take his punishment.’ The attorney for the newly-minted millionaire birth units to the late St. Skittles flew in on his flying briefcase and demanded justice for this poor young boy.
Holder’s Justice Dept. was vehemently opposed to the Ferguson PD releasing videotape showing Mr. Brown and an accomplice robbing a store and getting away with cash and a box of Swisher Sweet cigars,which are emptied and filled with marijuana and known as ‘blunts.’

By Monday,the New black panthers were whipping the crowd up with chants of:
Who dowe want?…Darren Wilson
How do we want him?…DEAD!

BLACK PANTHERS Lead Massive March in #Ferguson==> ‘Death Chants’ to Officer Darren Wilson (Video)

CNN,ever the civic-minded news organization,took a camera crew to the street where Ofc. Wilson lives with his wife and young child and even pointed out which house was his,just in case anybody was in the mood for some ‘street justice’ by killing him,his family and burning down his house.Would this satisfy the mob?you’re kidding,right?

Take a look:

it seems every black liberal woman in politics is a grade A moonbat:
What do facts matter when you can do some real race pimpin’?
MO State Senator: Brown Shooting Was ‘An Assassination’
“I do have to tell you, looking at the autopsy report last evening, um, it looks like Michael Brown was just killed. It was an assassination, and many of the community members are waiting for this police officer to be arrested. They’re waiting for a grand jury and an indictment. And so, until that happens, I still see unrest. And many of the people want to continue to protest in peace.”

Jay Nixon,the shitbag governor,sided with the rioters and called in the State Police.When that didn’t work he called out the National Guard.Screams of protest were heard about the use of tanks and tear gas.
He also pronounced Wilson guilty without benefit of trial:
Gov. Jay Nixon: Forget about innocent until proven guilty, prosecute Darren Wilson

Obama is sending his caporegime,Himmler-Holder today to make sure the racial hatred burns hot,no doubt to detract from his foreign policy failures and todays beheading of James Foley.
Holder will be accompnied by ‘Air” Claire McCaskill and Rino Roy Blunt.

“That’s how we’re going to move forward together, by trying to unite each other and understand each other and not simply divide ourselves from one another,” Obama told reporters at the White House. “We’re going to have to hold tight to those values
HIS WORDS ARE AS EMPTY AS HIS SOUL–Time-to-listen–not-just-shout

Being the hardened cynic that I am,I’m thinking Barry wouldn’t mind the violence and the aftermath to stretch to close to election day to whip the plantation=dwellers into a froth and get them to the polls as many times as they can get away with.

Eric Holder Kick Starts DOJ Distraction Machine – Begins Ferguson Missouri Racial Grievance Movement…
Eric Holder is instituting the same process in Ferguson Missouri he used in Sanford Florida. The civil rights wing of the DOJ is dispatched into Ferguson. They are officially called the “Community Relations Service” (CRS), and historically -in previous administrations- have been called upon when racial animus is a concern amid a local municipality.

My circle of black friends totals three.All are carriers like me,and Willie is a good friend.He’s intelligent,has three jobs and just had a son start at Harvard.I enjoy talking to him about a lot of things,mostly sports,but the conversation the last couple days has opened my eyes.
He steadfastly defends the Clown Prince,claims the economy is still all Bush’s fault and feels black men are gunned down by white police officers as a matter of rote.He’s convinced there are just as many white-on-black crimes as there are the other way.The answer,he feels,is more black cops in black neighborhoods.He’s fallen victim to the MSM propaganda blaming all the black man’s ills solely on the evil white man.I love him like a brother,but now I can see what the media has wrought.

This is the prevalent attitude of the entitlement class engaged in thuggery
Looter: ‘I’m Proud of Us. We Deserve This’
According to the Washington Post, a looter in Ferguson, Missouri, expressed pride and admiration for looters and said their actions are justified.

“I’m proud of us. We deserve this, and this is what’s supposed to happen when there’s injustice in your community,” said DeAndre Smith, whom the Washington Post says was “fresh from looting the QuikTrip.”



Facts don’t matter much anymore,but the rumors of Brown being shot in the back and while his hands were up as he was surrendering have been pretty much debunked;
St. Louis reporter: Police claim more than a dozen witnesses support the cop’s account of the Michael Brown shooting
Allahpundit chimes in:

As near as I can discern,there was an altercation at the policeman’s squad car where beown reportedly tried to get Wilson’s gun.He hit him so hardhe broke wilsons orbital lobe uner his eye.He then turned to run away but then turned around and came back at him.thats when the 6 shots were fired.wilson,being of normal size and Bron the size of an NFL lineman,I could understand the officer being in fear for his life.Whatever happened,hopefully the truth will come out.I’m just fearful that a good man is going to be railroaded to appease the racial opportunists.
Anderson Cooper may have let the cat out of the proverbial bag:

Anderson Cooper Accidentally Tweets Mindset Of Ferguson Community Protestors – Why Won’t Police Offer Just One Cop For A Sacrifice…
“You’ve Killed Our Kind 4 Years But Won’t Sacrifice 1 Cop For Justice & To Save A Community & These Businesses”

If you have the grace to,I would like to ask you to pray for the safety of Officer Darren Wilson.

other links:
Michael Brown: A Criminal and a Thug

Dr. Ben Carson: ‘It’s Politically Incorrect to Blame the Wrong People’

Michael Brown’s Mother: No Peace Possible Until Police Officer Darren Wilson Is Arrested

Do the Ferguson Protestors Really Want Justice?
African Americans in Ferguson, MO are demanding justice over the shooting of Michael Brown. But, a clear-eyed observer might conclude differently: what they really want is vengeance, a public lynching, hauling out Officer Darren Wilson in chains, watching as he pleads for mercy, then asking the crowd to shout out its judgment and guilty verdict announced, dispatching him as gruesomely as possible while the crowd roars its approval.

When Jesse first addressed the mob,he ended up pandering for donations and was booed off the stage. Since it is said the most dangerous place is between Jackson and a TV camera,he had to do something to attract attention:
Jesse Jackson talks voter registration at Ferguson McDonald’s
“It has to change,” Jackson said about the lack of minorities on Ferguson’s police department and local governance.

“Five thousand new voters will transform the city from top to bottom,” he said.

Ferguson rioters akin to KKK

Exclusive: Mychal Massie asks why society should pay for acts of the ‘ungodly, stiff-necked’

There is still much chaos to be plumbed from the lawlessness being perpetrated. Hopefully it will conclude in the fullness of time. Until the next time a white person has the temerity to defend himself against a criminal.







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  1. Pistol Pete

    Holder tells Ferguson students he was a victim of racial profiling
    What a festering pile of steaming rat shit.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Meet the Radical DOJ Unit Investigating Ferguson Shooting
    PJ Media had to sue Eric Holder to obtain the resumes of the lawyers he hired to populate this unit. No wonder. The “Every Single One” series at PJ Media revealed that all of Holder’s attorney hires were leftists, some even with a history of anti-police activities. Read the detailed biographies of the lawyers here.

    The deck has been stacked…as usual.
    Officer Wilson is as good as convicted.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Patrick Buchanan was a presidential adviser to Richard Nixon and witnessed firsthand the aftermath of the violent protests. He says the violence unleashed on the streets of Ferguson is having a similarly polarizing effect and that the Democrat Party will likely bear the brunt of the citizenry’s outrage.