I think it’s a mistake to judge a religion based on the real life examples provided by the lapsed, the fallen, or the cafeteria adherents. Instead, I think we should look at people who sacrificed everything in order to conform themselves as closely as possible to their chosen faiths.

Extremists - Muslim v Catholic


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  1. I avoid subjecting myself to carnage, if at all possible. I have not watched a beheading video, or any of the Islamist snuff porn. I know well enough what it looks like. But a few days ago I loaded a page which — and I hesitate to even paint a word-picture of it, forgive me — a page which prominently displayed one of these two-legged beasts casually holding up a beheaded little girl, her body in a pretty blue dress like you might see on any little girl in mid-America.

    That’s the picture on the left. I mean, glad you didn’t use it. But that’s the picture which contrasts more effectively with the one on the right.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Actually, not so much. I used that beheaded little girl (very small) in a previous graphic, so I had had to look at it up close to crop it. The man holding her headless body is her devastated father; best guess, the gleeful extremist person forced him to do that so he could take the photo.

      Plus, I wanted a female to contrast with Mother Teresa. These two photos worked better than I could have hoped, what with the terrorist brandishing her weapon in her right hand and Koran in her left, while glaring at Mother Teresa, who is looking to God while holding the frail little child protectively with her right hand with a cross peeking out from under her veil on her left.


      • Well, I apologize if that was the father in the photo. I moved off the page too quickly to assess anything, so I made a bad presumption. Thank you for the correction.

        Second, my comment, posted impulsively due to my recollection of that revolting photo, failed to properly acknowledge your good work on the graphic. It was the fragility of that little baby she’s holding that most moved me.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          That’s my reaction to most of these also … stop looking asap. I would’ve not recognized the appalled expression on the guy or tracked down who he was/is either if I hadn’t decided to copy, paste, crop and smallify it.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    This was posted by Canon Andrew from Iraq: “Family who were all shot through the face and killed. The Bible they were reading is on the couch.”


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Never forget …

    ONE: Our God is greater than any evil.
    TWO: Our greatest weapon against all evil is PRAYER.
    THREE: Jesus is coming again soon.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    This is an excellent blog by one of my favorite writers! I love the reference to that “soul-quenching peace you get when you’re exactly in line with what God wants you to be doing.” She also mentioned Mother Teresa, so it’s very apropos for this blog. 🙂

    The Secret to Not Being Overwhelmed
    by Jennifer Fulwiler

    Note: Her advice is directed mainly to workaholics, but in the comments, a couple of “But what about us LAZY types?” have a good back-and-forth. I lean toward the former; Mama Buzz (who sent me the link) leans to the latter. Yet beautifully, the solution to both of our types is the same. MORE TIME IN PRAYER.

    Mother Teresa and her nuns have enormous demands on their time; they spend an enormous amount of time in prayer. They say it’s the only way they can manage it all. It’s counter-intuitive maybe that spending less time doing tasks so you can pray ends up with you getting more done, but Dearest and I can both attest to the IRL truth of it.

    Dearest has told me (more or less, my words here), “When I pray in the morning, I get everything done. When I don’t pray in the morning, I get less done and spend all the time I could have prayed running around like a chicken and feeling all stressed and crabby.”