CDGC: Ebola Not Contagious Until After Nov. 4 Election

People’s Cube: The USSA’s Center for Disease and Gun Control has announced that the State will not impose any travel restrictions due to the Ebola outbreak until after the November 4 elections to ensure that all workers and peasants can have free access to ballots and polling places during this critical struggle for Progress.

Comrade Disease Director Thomas Frieden has declared that Ebola is only ‘semi-transmittable’ and therefore only official Party-certified doctors can actually impose quarantines on an as-needed basis. In the meantime, those who believe they are exhibiting symptoms, while not contagious until after the November 2 elections, are asked to remain at home because of the possibility they may intimidate women and minorities into not voting. Read more at People’s Cube.


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10 responses to “CDGC: Ebola Not Contagious Until After Nov. 4 Election

  1. Diana DeGette (D-Retard, Denver): Air travel ban on Ebola countries would not be “reasonable.”
    Just so you know, Congresswoman DeGette represents the urban, Democrat bastion of Denver County, and like Shiela Jackson Lee who represents Houston and Maxine Waters, etc., and she may be even more brain-dead than any of these other zombie politicians. She was elected to succeed Pat Schroeder, and she had no qualifications except being too stupid to ask any questions of the DNC leadership. I’m not kidding. She really is a child with an IQ of a turnip, and she’s now presuming to tell us what we should do about Ebola. This is where we are, America.


  2. Ah, Der Pipples’ Kube. Geniuses who know from experience.

    Meanwhile, finger-pointing begins (while they’re still attached). Texas Health Presbyterian disputes the nurses’ claims of procedure lapses. All part of what Louie Gohmert calls “the Democrats’ war on women nurses.” Nice return, there, Louis.


  3. It’s School Lunchtime, Kids!! Anybody hungry?? I know I am. Got to fortify before afternoon sports. Uh-oh…


  4. Oh, hey, in local news, here in beautiful Smallville, Mid-America. Looks like we’ve got a new pizza place. Must be the fourth one opened up this year. My son’s a driver for one of them, and they’re feeling the competition a little. But this place promises to be the only Italian style pizza in town. What do Italians know about pizza?

    Next, this tidbit, from the Court Filings, marriage, Oct 6:

    Adam Michael P___ and Mary Kathleen C___
    Isn’t that sweet? I’ll bet she’s Catholic.

    Phillip Eugene S___ and Crystal Gail G___
    Crystal Gail. Yes, this is Cowboy Country.

    and then there’s this

    Thomas Edward G___ and Frederick Charles C___
    Lisa Renee B___ and Karen Leigh W___
    Billy Mac T___ and Robert David M___ Jr.

    Billy Mac. That thar’s a local kind of name. Hey, wait a minute!

    Ha ha ha! Looks like the silly local paper is at it again. I’ll bet those last six folks are going to be mad at the paper for mixing up their names! They look like… like…

    Oh, my!

    (Lisa was City Manager or something, don’t know if she still is.)
    The Court That Rules Supreme Hath Spoken! How Law R Made!


  5. Whoops. Meant to leave those last two items on Pete’s warm feeling thread.

    Well, since I’m back on the Ebola thread: White House getting serious, tweets third photo-op purporting to be pResident doing something. He reassures us, “The dangers of a serious outbreak are extraordinarily low.” (Weasel Zippers)



  6. Pistol Pete

    This douchebag shpuld be hoisted on his own petard
    CDC Director Frieden: If We Ban Travel From West Aftrica Ebola Will Spread Across Continent


  7. “CDGC: Ebola Not Contagious Until After Nov. 4 Election”

    Actually, I think they will do everything in their power to get Democrats to VOTE EARLY, and then create panic JUST BEFORE the Nov. 4th election to scare Republicans away from the polls…