How much more evidence do we need?

The Obama Regime has proven to us again and again that what he meant by “fundamentally transforming America” was “destroy the United States.” Here’s the latest piece of evidence:

2014_10 15 Nurse told okay to fly



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8 responses to “How much more evidence do we need?

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Obama’s new Ebola czar is a left-wing lawyer with a long history of serving Democrats. She has zero medical experience.


  2. So, I still haven’t finished the Shemitah book, but the arrival of Ebola in the US in terms of the Shemitah dates and the Blood Moons is something I’ve been thinking about . . .


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I finally got to start it. I bought it before it was published, but it has taken this long to out-gas the ink and paper.


  3. Blood on their hands… Ultimately, most of it on the hands of the guy who appointed this ex-community organizer the head of the CDC, who fired the Bio Threat Advisor and who is keeping planes flying from west Africa. He is, after all, the one telling us from the White Hut that there’s nothing to worry about. The biggest thing we need to worry about is that he’s in charge.


  4. Don’t know where to put this, so I’ll put it here.

    Lots of folks worry about the next two years, and rightly so, of course, but I’m most concerned about the time between the election and the new Congress. How many more things can the tyrants undermine and destroy in those weeks?

    But this is why I’m writing: The US soldiers, already sent over to Darkest Epidemia, unprotected and with no definite military mission, already practically had my eyeballs bleeding, with rage, not Ebola. But now I also see, Obama to Send National Guard to Liberia to Fight Ebola.

    I liked the end of Prof. Jacobsen’s article about the deer. It seems so broadly applicable.

    STOP IT!