I’m dreaming of a color-blind Christmas

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Police officers in Boynton Beach, Florida, responded to a 911 hang-up call made by a 2-year-old girl on Saturday — but they had no clue something so amazing would come out it. When they inquired about the accidental 911 call, the officers inadvertently learned the family was going through a tough time and wouldn’t be able to afford a Christmas tree or gifts this year.

But the officers weren’t annoyed by the accidental 911 call, they were motivated to help.

Boynton Beach police officer Terrence Paramore told NBC’s Today that the home the kids in the home “weren’t smiling” and didn’t appear to be happy.

“They were missing something,” he added.

As they left the home, Paramore and his partner, Barry Ward, were already on the same page. They devised a plan to surprise the family with a Christmas tree and ornaments to decorate it. So, they headed to the Home Depot and started throwing items in their cart.

The officers then activated their body cameras and delivered the Christmas surprise to the struggling family.

The look of pure joy on one of the children’s face, a 7-year-old girl, was more than worth the effort.

“I told my wife, ‘This is going to inspire people.’ It’s going to inspire people to go out and help other families. That’s the big thing with me, I just want to pass something on and keep it going,” Paramore said.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wait until you see what these cops did [1:21]


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