A liberal is someone who

A liberal is someone who

Lena Dunham’s “Republican rapist” turns out to be neither.

“The genuine victims of sexual violence should be horrified by their supposed allies who would profit from their abuse by falsely claiming to have shared in it.”

Read the rest @ http://hotair.com/archives/2014/12/31/lena-dunhams-republican-rapist-turns-out-to-be-none-of-those-things/


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    More Left Stream Media B.S.

    Monday’s read on the Scalise story: Is Steve Scalise a racist or did his headlong eagerness to get face time with locals as an ambitious state rep land him in front of an audience of David Duke-rs?

    Tuesday’s read: Maybe Scalise isn’t a racist, but will GOP leaders stand by a member of leadership who somehow saw fit to address a bunch of neo-Nazis?

    Wednesday’s read: Maybe Scalise didn’t address a bunch of neo-Nazis, but by mistakenly confirming that he did, hasn’t he proved that he’s too dim and sloppy to wield power over the House GOP majority?

    So, whatEVER … the Left Stream Media has once again shown its hypocritical colors. I mean … Scalise never held a fundraiser in Knight’s living room, now did he?




  2. Good HotAir article by Noah Rothman.