Reactions to Obama’s absence

Obama tried to throw Secret Service under bus. They objected.

2015_01 12 Secret Service not asked

An Obama-drooler tried to find a deep reason. Mockery ensued.

2015_01 12 BHO apologist

No one with half a brain thinks there’s any chance of successful nuclear talks with Iran. So yes, that was the reason.
2015_01 12 Mocking BHO's absence

Apathy? I think not. This man sent a whole delegation to the funeral of a criminal who got shot for attacking a cop.



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3 responses to “Reactions to Obama’s absence

  1. Everybody continues to talk about this as if it were merely ‘ham-handed’ or ‘incompetent’ or that it was just a mistake. But I’d argue that no administration could ever make this mistake. Ever. And no one else did. All the heads of state of the West were there. They didn’t even go for VPs or cabinet members.

    No, this was Barack’s loud & clear message to al Qaeda & ISIS that he’s still on their side. I see no other alternative. Especially in light of his endless pro-muslim, pro-terrorist behavior in everything he does and says. The Caliph is in the White House.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I tend to think it’s All Of The Above. Perhaps we should be deeply grateful that this America-hating administration really is so ham-handed. Look at the damage they’ve done in spite of their incompetence!