Farrakhan vs. Giuliani

2015_02 22 Farrakhan calls Giuliani cracker devil

Sunday, Feb 22, 2015 at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago during his annual Saviours’ Day speech, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan attacked former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his controversial opinion that President Obama doesn’t love America.

Farrakhan said, “How did you grow up, Giuliani? A privileged cracker? Or I should say, a privileged devil.”

Cracker? Devil? Really? In church? On a Sunday?  Plus, can anyone explain to me why this man, who HATES America, should have some problem with someone else saying that maybe his bff in the White House might not love America?  I mean … seriously?!

Does anyone else remember when the press made a big honkin’ deal about a prayer Sarah Palin offered at her church for our troops in harm’s way? Cuz yeah … THAT was really terrible. :oP

Does anyone care to take some action on how soon members of the MSM who have nagged Republicans for comments about Giuliani’s remark will nag Democrats for comments about Farrakhan’s remark!?  Cuz if you do, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

As for “privileged devil” … puh-leeze.

  • Louis Farrakhan was born in The Bronx, the younger of two sons of immigrants from the Caribbean islands.
  • Rudy Giuliani was born in Brooklyn, the only child of working-class parents who were both first-generation immigrants from Italy.
  • Louis Farrakhan’s family was active in the Episcopal Church.
  • Rudy Giuliani’s family was active in the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Louis Farrakhan was a gifted violinist who had played with the Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony by the time he turned 13. A year later, he went on to win national competitions, then became one of the first black performers to appear on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour, where he also won an award.
  • Rudy Giuliani had a lisp and got into trouble with the law, doing time at Sing Sing on felony assault and robbery charges.
  • Louis Farrakhan attended the prestigious Boston Latin School and the English High School. He completed three years at Winston-Salem Teachers College, where he had a track scholarship.
  • Rudy Giuliani attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School.  He was graduated in 1965 from Manhattan College in Riverdale, The Bronx, and in 1968 from New York University School of Law in Manhattan.



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8 responses to “Farrakhan vs. Giuliani

  1. Chrissy: I generally don’t pay all that much heed to WND, but this came through my FB feed, and considering some of your studies, it might be relevant.



    • chrissythehyphenated

      Cool! I’ll check it out. Thanks!


      • WND… I used to go there. I wasn’t gonna click… I was gonna let chrissythebrilliant digest it for us… I have no self control! I clicked.

        “Total eclipses don’t take place on any other known planet, point out intelligent-design scientists.”

        I quit reading at that point. Scrolled around looking for a byline; found none. The last line suggests it’s all an ad. WND resistance reinforced.

        Hope my opinion isn’t hurting anyone’s feelings or stepping on any toes.


        • Nah don’t worry about it. I kinda rolled my eyes at that too . . . I mean, I get what they’re saying, and the at-least-so-far-uniqueness of the size and distance ratios between Sun, Moon, and Earth makes complete, disk-covering eclipses something found only on Earth (in this solar system), but we really don’t know about many of the exo-planets yet. . .

          The interesting part was the dates on which Bibi is to speak, relative to all the other interesting calendar things going on, which Chrissy has been studying. . .


          • chrissythehyphenated

            I couldn’t find anything in their analysis or my own pondering about the date to suggest anything more than “Hey, yeah, it’s interesting that Bibi is speaking to Congress on March 3.”

            As the article pointed out, that day will be Adar 12, 5775 on the Hebrew calendar. Adar 13 is the Fast of Esther and Adar 14-15 is Purim, the days to celebrate Queen Esther’s preparation for and bravery in approaching her husband to plead for the salvation of the Jews. So again … yeah, it’s interesting, but I didn’t see anything beyond that to remark on.

            The solar eclipse will be March 20 and the third Blood Moon of the Tetrad will be two weeks later on April 4, 2015. Two weeks apart is the closest that a natural solar and a natural lunar eclipse can be. (I say “natural” because the sun going dark when Jesus died wasn’t a natural solar eclipse.)

            The Blood Moon will be on Holy Saturday, the day Jesus’ body lay dead in the tomb. The common calendar and Hebrew calendar dates of Holy Week this year will match those of 33 AD when Jesus was crucified. I.e., April 4 = Nisan 15. See http://www.cgsf.org/dbeattie/calendar/?roman=2015 and http://www.cgsf.org/dbeattie/calendar/?roman=33

            Personally, I’m hoping this is God’s way of telling us the Rapture is imminent! And yeah, I know I said this last year at this time, BUT ….

            Last year, at this time, I did not yet have the information about the Medjugorje Anniversaries or about all those eye-popping eclipse matchers!

            Plus, you know, I hadn’t yet found out for sure that we were not going to be Raptured in April 2014. I was really ready then. I’m really, Really, REALLY ready now!


        • I get the resistance to WND in general. They drive me crazy. But the comment about total eclipses being rare is quite true. Not just in our solar system. Like Zoph said, the distance to disk size ratios being identical so that some are partial and some are just barely total … boggles the mind. Plus the fact that our moon is in a nearly circular orbit makes it impossible that it was a jettison moon, as they always theorize.

          The other thing nobody talks about is that the rate of lunar orbit expansion is high enough that the it can’t have been going on for very long. The orbit size is increasing, driven by the gravity gradient of the tides. A few thousand years in the past, and the tides could have been catastrophic, since the moon would be so close. It shows that there is a limit on the inhabitable age of the earth, and that age is only a few thousand years. Or tens of thousands. I haven’t figured it out, but somebody should.

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          • chrissythehyphenated

            Fascinating, Grunt!! I knew about the ratio thing, but not the orbit expansion. That is so cool. I can’t wait for when we are living in the New Heaven and the New Earth and can study all this stuff up close and in person. 🙂


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I didn’t find anything in the article that I haven’t already blogged about myself. It seemed to me they were just using Netanyahu’s up-coming speech to rehash their own interpretations of prophecy.